"Why The Best Fishing Lures Use Sprezzatura" with a green background and a micro jig

Why The Best Fishing Lures Use Sprezzatura

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Even. Uniform. Symmetrical.

This describes most handmade and mass produced fishing lures you can buy.

When I first started making DIY jigs, they did not look this way.

In fact, my jigs looked very uneven in comparison with jigs at the store!

As my lurecraft skills grew, my jigs started to appear more “perfect,” more uniform. I was learning the rules of making quality jigs and putting those rules into practice.

Then, I learned something very important – I learned an important skill that helped make my jigs appear more unique and natural.

Welcome back to Jig Is Up Lurecraft! Today, I am going to introduce you to a special concept called sprezzatura, and how you can utilize sprezzatura with your DIY fishing lures to make them stand out from the competition and catch more fish!

What Is Sprezzatura?

I first learned about sprezzatura several years ago. At that time in my life, I had realized that I knew nothing about how to dress well in a professional or formal setting, and I decided to heavily research how I might dress well and thus improve my appearance.

In the process, I stumbled upon this concept called sprezzatura.

You see, in men’s style there are those who learn the rules of style and, over time, perfect those rules.

Man wearing a navy suit with a red tie, a white pocket square, a wrist watch on his wrist, and cufflinks on his sleeve

Once those style rules are perfected, an individual might then intentionally bend or even break those rules, to create a style uniquely theirs.

This bending of the rules in men’s style is known as sprezzatura.

Sprezzatura is “a studied carelessness,” an intentional bending of the rules that implies you do what you do effortlessly.

Steeped though its roots may be in men’s style, sprezzatura is a concept that can be applied to many other areas in life!

Why Is Sprezzatura Important In Lurecraft?

Now that I’ve briefly explained what sprezzatura is, now comes the question – how could sprezzatura possibly apply towards lurecraft and fishing in general? Aren’t men’s style and lure making two totally different preoccupations?

Yes, they are very different indeed!

With that said, the concept of sprezzatura can have a profound impact on how you can make your baits stand out from the abundant crowd of other lures that fish see.

Most Fishing Lures Are Even And Symmetrical

Consider this.

Most fishing lures you can buy are very symmetrical, even, and uniform.

When you look at jigs, you’ll see skirts trimmed perfectly straight on the ends. Not only that, but weedguards will be trimmed evenly.

brown finesse jig
This jig skirt is cut evenly across the ends

And with most soft plastic worms, you’ll notice that colors do not blend into one another. Rather, there is a straight, solid line that perfectly separates one color from the next.

a brown and chartreuse worm with a wood background
The two colors are divided by a perfect line.

This sort of lure construction is widely prevalent. In fact, you might think that your DIY baits need to look incredibly uniform to even catch fish!

But I see things differently.

Nature Is Not Symmetrical

When was the last time you saw a bluegill, crawfish, or baitfish with perfectly straight color lines or a perfectly symmetrical profile?

The truth is – nature has a lot of mottled and blotchy patterns!

Perfect symmetry is rare.

If you look at a bluegill, you will likely see greens slowly shift into hues of purple or blue.

Similarly, crawfish exhibit varying stripes and blotches of black, red, purple, brown, blue, or even translucent gray!

a tan crawfish under water

Seeing the many varying patterns and profiles that exist in nature, I maintain that the best lures also look very mottled and uneven!

The Best Fishing Lures Have Sprezzatura

Now that I’ve outlined why I believe the best fishing lures are intentionally mottled and uneven, what tactics can you use to create this effect with your DIY fishing lures?

For DIY jigs, there are few things I do when I want to add a dash of sprezzatura.

One such tactic that is currently my favorite involves cutting the jig’s skirt a couple inches above the head. This not only gives the jig a wild, flared look, but it also obscures the round ball head.

pumpkinseed colored jig with a wood background

I’ve seen very few jigs with such a look, and I believe it makes my jigs very unique. It gives fish a presentation they are not used to seeing!

To see more jig patterns similar to this, check out the 7 custom jig patterns I recently created!

Another trick I’ve learned is that you can layer the skirt material on the jig so that different colors blend in together. This is a fantastic way of creating a jig with a natural-looking, mottled skirt pattern.

There are similar effects you can create with your DIY soft plastic lures.

For instance, there are methods you can employ that create amazing color swirls. 

The irregular pattern of the swirling colors is not something you see very often in soft plastic lures. Not only that, but in my opinion this swirling color pattern adds a lot of realism to your baits!

It is also possible to pour soft plastic lures with varying stripes on the body. Like I mentioned earlier, striped patterns are very natural-looking! 

And yet, it is very rare to see striped patterns in most soft plastic baits sitting on the shelves of your local tackle store.

Stay tuned to our blog for upcoming articles that show how to create some of these soft plastic lure patterns!

Conclusion: Why The Best Fishing Lures Use Sprezzatura

Sprezzatura is a concept that inspires me to craft lures with intentional touches of asymmetry and unevenness.

Not only does this make my lures unique, but it makes them appear more natural to fish underwater!

With that said, will you still catch fish if you use baits that are perfectly uniform and symmetrical? Absolutely!

However, you might find that lures with an extra dash of realism will give you an edge over other anglers out on the water.

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