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Spring Fishing: A Sure Fire Roadmap For Catching More Bass

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Last week, I stepped back from work and took a brisk walk outside. The air was cool, but the warm sun was shining and the grass was green.

It felt amazing. So I did what any self-respecting fisherman would do – I pulled up the weekend forecast to check the fishing weather!

But did the forecast show beautiful, sunny days ahead? No!

Rain. Rain, rain, and more rain!

This was the fourth weekend in a row with rain. Spring had sprung, and she was wet!

Four rainy weekends in a row… but I have a secret for you. I’d fished in the rain two of those weekends.

And I caught fish! 🎣💪🏻

Welcome back to Jig Is Up Lurecraft!

This week, I’m talking about spring fishing. Specifically, I’ll be talking about how you can equip yourself to catch more bass during the rainy spring months!

To be honest, I haven’t always fished in the spring. 

I simply had too many questions and not enough answers. It was overwhelming!

“There’s too much rain.” 

“I don’t know what baits to throw.”

“What colors do bass bite in spring?”

“Do bass even bite before the spawn?”

But over time I’ve learned a few tricks that have helped me catch bass and actually enjoy springtime fishing!

Here’s what they are.

👉 Embrace the rainy days

Spring is a wet, wet season. In my neck of the woods, we’ve had rain for four weekends in a row!

If you don’t like fishing in the rain, then spring fishing might not be your thing.

BUT fishing in the rain can be super lucrative.

Like, super lucrative.

Healthy Largemouth Bass caught on a jig on a rainy day
Healthy bass caught on a rainy day

Why is this? Because bass feel very comfortable to roam and hunt for food while rain is falling.

Think of it like this – on bright, sunny days it’s easy to see what’s happening in the water. 

This allows bass to easily find prey. This also means predators (such as humans) can more easily see bass.

In other words 👇

Lots of sunlight ➡️ high visibility.

High visibility ➡️ easier to get eaten.

Easier to get eaten ➡️ time for bass to hide.

So how do rainy days fit into this?

Rain makes it harder for predators to see bass in the water! Imagine the water as the rain is falling. The falling rain peppers the water’s surface, obliterating any chance of seeing fish under the surface.

Rain hitting the water

This makes fish feel safe. 👇

Low visibility ➡️ harder to get eaten.

Harder to get eaten ➡️ more comfortable to roam and find food.

Quick jump back to my original point – fishing in the rain can be super lucrative.

Why? Because bass are active and moving!

So don’t think of those rainy days as terrible fishing days – think of them as grand opportunities to catch active bass!

👉 Fish with brightly colored baits

I almost hate to bring this tip up – this piece of advice has been covered over and over and over again on the Internet.

But this tip flat out works.

Fish with brightly colored baits.

That’s it – it’s just that simple. Fish with the brightest, boldest colors you can find.

Red crankbait
Fortune favors the bold

Pink. Chartreuse. White. Orange. And Red. Especially red.

In fact, red – for whatever reason – is easily the most legendary color for spring fishing.

As bass start to move to shallower water in the spring, they get very active. 

These bright colors take advantage of that! The bold colors flat out trigger bass!


Quick recap

✅ Why rainy days are fantastic for fishing

✅ What colors flat out catch fish in the spring

👇 What baits put bass in the boat in spring

👉 Cranks, lizards, and jigs – oh my!

So now you know that bold, bright colors catch bass in spring.

But if you’re like me, you will walk into Bass Pro and still feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of brightly colored lures that adorn the shelves.

Which baits work the best in spring?
Crankbaits? Jerkbaits? Worms? Beavers? Aauuuurgghh!!!!

It can feel overwhelming, BUT there are a few staples that have been catching springtime bass for decades

I’m talking about

👉 Crankbaits
👉 Soft plastic lizards
👉 Jigs

  • red crankbait with a craw pattern
  • Tiny Terror Jig Glamor Shot

Each of these baits catch bass like crazy in the spring. 

Red crankbaits are fast moving baits that allow you to cover lots of water in search of bass.

Black lizards mimic salamanders, a creature hated by bass because of their propensity for stealing into nests and grabbing fish eggs during the springtime spawn.

And jigs resemble crawfish, which are not only a popular forage for bass but also a creature that will readily invade a bass’s nest in search of eggs.

Psst, want to learn more about bass jigs?

Then check out my 👉 complete guide to bass jigs.

It’ll teach you the different types of jigs, the best jig trailers, and even how to make bass jigs!

Will other baits catch bass in the spring? Yes!

But these baits will maximize your chances of catching the most bass.

“Alright Blaine, you’ve convinced me to give these a try. But where do I start?”

Like I said, finding the right spring fishing tackle can feel overwhelming.

Even if you know that crankbaits and lizards are effective, there are dozens of brands that make them!

Let’s make it simple for you.

If you want to fish with crankbaits 👇

Buy a couple red Berkley Frittside crankbaits

There are a lot of great crankbaits on the market – these Frittside crankbaits catch a lot of bass for a lot of people. I have no doubt they’ll catch fish for you!

red crankbait with a craw pattern
Red Crank from BJ’s Custom Baits

Or if you want to buy from a custom crank maker, check out BJ’s Custom Baits

Braden makes some swanky crankbait color patterns; you won’t be disappointed with anything he makes.

In fact, I have a red crankbait from him myself. I’ve had a blast catching largemouths, smallmouths, and even rock bass with it!

If you want to fish with lizards 👇

Get yourself a couple packs of Zoom Lizards.

Zoom lizards are nothing new or innovative, but they simply work.

Get a pack of solid black lizards, and even a pack of black with a chartreuse tail!

Then rig the lizard with a Texas rig and throw it into shallow cover. You will be surprised at the size of fish that will attack this bait!

If you want to fish with jigs 👇

Shameless plug ➡️ get a couple packs of Molting Lava Craw Tiny Terror Jigs!

Yes, this is my product. BUT if I’m being honest with you and recommending to you what I think is the best jig for the job, then it wouldn’t be fair for me to ignore this effective little jig.

molting lava craw micro jig with a wood background
Molting Lava Craw Tiny Terror Jig

This jig is small. Compact. And all out deadly.

I was actually fishing with one of these bad boys a few weeks ago in 40 degree weather. And I caught 9 bass. In two hours.


Not interested in catching bass with a super effective micro jig? 

Then I recommend checking out the Missile Jigs Mini Flip Jig. They are a little bigger, a little more like a traditional-sized bass jig. If you like fishing with traditional bass jig tackle, then this jig is for you!

Conclusion – What is holding you back from catching bass this spring?

Overwhelmed by rain? ➡️ Grab some good rain gear and go! Bass are extremely catchable in the rain!

Unsure what colors work best? ➡️ Stock up on bright, bold colors! Bass are getting active and those bold colors trigger them!

Confused by what baits catch fish? ➡️ Grab some crankbaits, soft plastic lizards, even a few jigs. These have caught springtime bass for decades – they flat out work!

Putting these tips together has helped me put more bass in the boat. They can for you too!

P.S. Speaking of bold colors, I’ve done some fun color experimenting with bass jigs. Check out this article to see some of the fun and wild color patterns I’ve been making!

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