Seam Ripper Spinnerbait


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Introducing the Seam Ripper Spinnerbait

There are so many spinnerbaits on the market.

But most are 3/8 oz and heavier. Even when you find a small finesse spinnerbait, it usually has weak wire and cheap components.

Very few spinnerbaits are built to go to war on the skinny waters we all love to fish!

Creek waders, pond anglers, river rats… the Seam Ripper was made just for you.


✅ 1/4 oz finesse size (perfect for river and pond fishing)

✅ Turtle back blades (sweet balance of thump of flash)

✅ Hand tied skirt (making sure the skirt goes nowhere)

✅ Stout VMC hook (super strong and scary sharp)


Black Blue, Fathead Minnow, Hint Of Lemon, Lemon Lime, Morning Dawn, Pumpkinseed, Sunny Gill, The Wrong Pink


1/4 oz