A plastic worm with the title overlay "5 Plastic Worms That Will Catch You Quality Bass"

5 Plastic Worms That Will Catch You Quality Bass

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Versatile. Beginner friendly. And all out deadly 💪.

These are the traits that describe plastic worms!

Fact is, the plastic worm is one of the deadliest bass baits known to man.

For many anglers, it’s the first bass bait they learned to use!

And yet plastic worms are not merely a beginner bait – pro bass anglers always keep worms at the ready while on the tournament trail.

With that said, there are oodles of plastic worms on the market. Choosing a plastic worm for bass fishing gets overwhelming fast.

Welcome back to Jig Is Up Lurecraft!

Today we will be looking at plastic worms! In particular, we will be looking at 5 of the best plastic worms you can use today to catch quality bass!

Like I said, there are tons of plastic worms to choose from. But these 5 worms are the classics – these are the plastic worms that defined the plastic worm market and catch bass for thousands of anglers worldwide.

Here’s what they are.

The 5 Best Plastic Worms For Bass Fishing

👉 **Zoom Trick Worm** (Editor’s Pick: Best All Around Plastic Worm)

The first classic we’ll look at is none other than the Zoom Trick Worm.

Largemouth Bass caught with a Zoom Trick Plastic Worm on a Dropshot Rig
Trick Worm on a Dropshot 💪

In many ways, the Zoom Trick Worm is very unassuming – it’s a simple 6” worm shape, with small bulbous bulges near the tips.

But this bait owes much of its popularity to this simple design!

If you want a simple worm that is

  • Affordable 
  • Available in dozens of colors
  • Sold at virtually every tackle shop
  • Easy to rig 5-6 ways

Then this is the worm for you!

I’ve had personal success with dropshotting this bait, as well as with rigging it weightless and skipping it under low hanging trees for bass.

Texas rig it. Dropshot it. Carolina rig it. Whatever worm rig you use, the Trick Worm has you covered.

Psst, not sure what a Dropshot Rig is? Is a Texas Rig unfamiliar to you?

Then check out 👉 this handy guide!
It teaches you everything you need to know about rigging plastic worms!


Affordable ➡️ $6.29 for a big pack of worms.
Lots of colors ➡️ There are literally dozens of colors to choose from.
Easy to find ➡️ Trick Worms are available in most tackle stores.
Versatile to rig ➡️ Dropshot it, Texas rig it, Carolina rig it, you name it. They all work!

Popular colors include👇

👉 Yamamoto Senko

The Gary Yamamoto Senko is a world renowned bait, and for good reason.

When the Senko first hit the scene, it sent a shockwave through the fishing industry.


Because this stick-shaped worm was catching tons of fish for anglers everywhere!

It was so effective and so popular that virtually every fishing lure company since then has created its own stickbait worm.

But even with all the competition that has followed over the years, the classic Senko remains the best stickbait worm you can use to catch bass.

What makes the Senko so special?

Like others of its class, the original Senko is simply a 5” worm that is shaped like a thick Bic pen. When compared to a Trick Worm, the Senko has a much bigger presence underwater, due to this thick body.

The shining feature of the Senko that sets it apart from other stickbait worms is its incredible action underwater. 

Due to a heavy salt content in the plastic, Senko worms hit the water and flutter quickly down to the bottom. As the bait falls, the two ends undulate back and forth. This action triggers even the most lock-jawed bass to bite!

Like the Trick Worm, you can rig Senkos many different ways. Dropshot rigs, Carolina rigs, and Texas rigs are all very popular methods of rigging a Senko.

With that said, rigging a Senko weightless with a worm hook is easily the most popular!

What is a weightless worm rig?

Think of a Texas rig, like what is shown below. Remove the weight from the equation and you have a weightless worm rig!

Texas Rig graphic


Easy to find ➡️ Senkos are available in most tackle stores.
Thick profile ➡️ With its thick body, the Senko has a very visible underwater presence.
Lots of colors ➡️ There are literally dozens of colors to choose from.
No weight required ➡️ The heavy salt content in these baits allows them to sink easily all by themselves.


Pricey ➡️ at $7.99 a pack, these worms are not cheap. But they are well worth it!
Tear easily ➡️ Due to how soft these worms are, they do tear easily. On the flip side, this softness makes the worm feel more alive to a hungry fish.

Popular colors include👇

👉 **Roboworm** (Editor’s Pick: Best Finesse Plastic Worm)

Next on our list is a finesse specialist – the Roboworm straight tail worm!

When anglers started successfully catching finicky bass with the dropshot rig in California, the bass industry sat up and took notice. It wasn’t long before the dropshot rig became one of the most effective presentations across the nation for catching lock-jawed bass!

What was the dropshot worm of choice?

The Roboworm 💪.

Slender and unassuming, the Roboworm is a low-profile finesse worm meant to entice the pickiest of bass to bite.

And, although many anglers use Roboworms for dropshotting, they are equally as effective on a split shot rig!

If you are trying to catch lightly biting bass, then this worm is for you!


Amazing colors ➡️ Roboworm’s production process pumps out some of the most vibrant worm colors in the industry.
Versatile to rig ➡️ Dropshot it or split shot rig it, and you will catch fish!
Slender profile ➡️ The inconspicuous size of this worm appeals to bass who aren’t aggressively feeding.

Popular colors include👇

👉 **Z-Man Finesse TRD** (Editor’s Pick: Best Plastic Worm Jig Trailer)

If the Roboworm is considered a finesse worm, then the Z-man Finesse TRD might easily be considered a micro finesse worm.


Because in contrast to the 4.5” Roboworm, the 2.75” TRD is miniscule!!

Z-Man Finesse TRD Plastic Worm

And yet, despite its small size, the TRD has established itself as one of the most lucrative fish catching baits of the last decade.

So what makes the Finesse TRD so special?

For one thing, this bait’s small size makes it appealing to a wide variety of fish species. When you fish with the TRD you’ll not only catch bass, but you’ll catch crappie, walleye, and even bluegill!

Not only that, but the TRD is made with Z-man’s proprietary Elaztech plastic. This stuff is super stretchy and super durable, allowing you to fish all day (and then some) using only one or two worms 🤯. 

This translates to less time rigging and more time fishing!

When you fish with the TRD, think extreme finesse.

Think micro dropshot rigs.

Or even better, think micro jigs!

If you’ve followed this blog for very long, then you know I love jigs.

I love pairing the Finesse TRD with a Tiny Terror Jig – they’re a perfect pair!

  • bass caught with a jig and a plastic worm trailer
  • Sunfish caught with a jig and a plastic worm trailer
  • Largemouth bass caught with a jig and a plastic worm trailer
  • Largemouth bass caught with a jig and a plastic worm trailer
  • Largemouth bass caught with a jig and a plastic worm trailer

Not only have I caught tons of fish with this jig-trailer combo, but I have customers who catch fish with it too.

If you simply want to go out and catch fish, give the Finesse TRD (and a Tiny Terror Jig) a try!


Super durable ➡️ Easily catch dozens and dozens of fish using one worm.
Great finesse bait ➡️ This super small bait works well with micro presentations, like a micro jig or a micro dropshot rig.
Easy to find ➡️ Find these baits at your local Walmart or Bass Pro Shops


Doesn’t mix with other plastics ➡️ If there is one con of this bait, it is the fact that it reacts strangely with other plastic worms. If you put Z-man plastics in a box with other plastics, they will all melt together!

Popular colors include👇

👉 Zoom Ol’ Monster

Last on our list is a heavy hitter – the Zoom Ol’ Monster!

Whereas all the other worms on this list catch lots of big and small bass, the Ol’ Monster is designed for one thing and one thing only 👉 to catch enormous trophy bass!

At 10.5” long, this giant ribbon-tail worm makes its presence known underwater.

Just like the Trick Worm, you can rig the Ol’ Monster a number of ways.

In shallow water, rig it weightless and let it slowly sink to the bottom. Then just pick it up and let it fall.

As the worm falls, the big ribbon-tail goes into action, letting any bass in the area know that a big juicy snack is near. Although bass will bite the worm when it’s sitting still, keep a sharp lookout when the worm is falling – that’s typically when the worm gets inhaled by a hungry bass.

In deep water, throw this worm onto a Texas Rig or Carolina Rig and slowly swim it back to you. With its large presence, the Ol’ Monster is the perfect worm for fishing in the depths for big bass!

Few baits successfully deter smaller bass in favor of catching big trophy bass. But the Ol’ Monster manages to do just that.


Affordable ➡️ $5.79 for a pack.
Lots of colors ➡️ There are literally dozens of colors to choose from.
Easy to find ➡️ Ol’ Monster Worms are available in most tackle stores.
Attracts trophy bass ➡️ Big fish need big snacks. The Ol’ Monster fits the bill!

Popular colors include👇

“Wow Blaine, these are some great looking plastic worms! How do I know which one is for me?”

So we’ve looked at 5 classic plastic worms that anglers use to catch bass all over the nation.

Here’s a few quick guidelines to help you decide which ones may be for you!

If you fish super clear rivers or lakes ➡️ A super finesse presentation is in order. Try out a Roboworm on a dropshot or a Finesse TRD on a jig and go catch fish!

If you fish shallow cover ➡️ It’s hard to go wrong with a Senko or a Trick Worm. You can rig these baits weightless and skip them under docks or weave them through grass and catch oodles of fish!

Like to fish deep water? ➡️ We’re talking 12 feet and deeper here. If fish are actively biting, go with a Carolina Rig and a Trick Worm or an Ol’ Monster. If the bite is off, time for a Roboworm on a dropshot!

Targeting big fish? ➡️ No brainer. Rig up an Ol’ Monster and have a hay day!

Do you fish with plastic worms? Leave a comment below and say what your favorite worm presentation is for bass fishing!

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