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Owner Hooks Review: The Best Hooks For Every Need

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Raise your hand if you have ever hooked a big fish, only to be surprised (and dismayed) by your hook popping free from the fish’s mouth during the fight?

Raises hand.

Me too.

Sometimes it was because of a bad hook set.

But more often than not, it was because I was using the wrong hook for the job.

Welcome back to Jig Is Up Lurecraft!

Today we are going to be talking hooks – more specifically, we are going to be talking about Owner Hooks!

I’ve tried several hook brands in my fishing and tackle making adventures. Owner Hooks are what now get my vote!

I used to actually be a diehard Gamakatsu user. But the more I’ve used Owner hooks, the more I love them.

Here’s why.

Why I Switched From Gamakatsu To Owner Hooks

Gamakatsu hooks are fantastic hooks.

Like Owner hooks, Gamakatsu hooks are extraordinarily sharp and strong. And I’ve caught plenty of fish with them!

With that said, I have found myself reaching more and more for Owner hooks because of one thing – their outstanding hook designs.

Don’t get me wrong, Gamakatsu has a lot of great hooks! But Owner simply makes more hooks that fit my finesse style of fishing. The Owner jig hooks are perfect for the micro jigs I make, the Owner worm hooks are perfect for the compact plastics I fish with… and the list goes on!

Owner jig hooks with a wood background
Owner makes great jig hooks for finesse fishing.

This is an important takeaway I have for you today – find and fish with hooks that best fit how you fish!

For me, my love for Owner hooks has boiled down to a few key features.

What I Love About Owner Hooks

👉Owner hooks are thinner than other hooks.

A thinner hook takes less force to drive home into a fish’s mouth. In other words, it’s easier to set the hook with an Owner hook!

smallmouth caught with a jig built with an Owner 5313 hook
Hooked with an Owner jig hook!

👉Owner hooks are exceptionally strong.

Even with their thinner wire, Owner hooks stand up to stress as well as any hook brand on the market. So you not only get the benefit of easier hook sets, you also get the assurance that you can muscle fish out of heavy cover without over stressing the hook!

👉Owner hooks have well thought out designs.

When I first started making soft plastic craws, I couldn’t find an extra wide gap worm hook that was short enough to fit. But when I dug into the catalog of Owner hooks, they had just the hook I needed! (spoiler alert: it was the Owner Rig ‘N Hook 😁). 

Likewise, Owner hooks provide anglers (and baitmakers) with a whole slew of fantastic hook designs for every need.

Want a heavy duty flipping hook? The Owner Jungle Flipping Hook has you covered.

Drop shot hook? The Owner Mosquito Light Hook.

Jig hook for your flipping jig? The Owner Deep Throat Jig Hook is the stuff of legend.

👉Owner hooks are easy to find.

Having a bunch of super strong, super sharp hooks is great. But if you can’t buy them easily, who cares?!

Fortunately it’s very easy to get your hands on Owner hooks. Bass Pro Shops, Tackle Warehouse, and many other well known tackle stores carry them in abundance.

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👉The Downside of Owner Hooks – $$$$

It wouldn’t be fair for me to lay out all the great benefits of Owner hooks without honestly declaring the one big downside.

These hooks are not cheap.

You might easily pay $5 for 5 hooks. (Ouch. For sake of comparison, budget friendly Eagle Claw hooks cost $3 for 6 hooks.)

They’re expensive, it’s true. BUT you get what you pay for.

You are not paying for a cheap hook with subpar hooking ability.

You are paying for a lean, mean, fish-hooking machine.

So if high performing tackle is not your thing … you might want to look the other way and pass on Owner hooks.

Here’s a quick rundown for you to help you determine if Owner hooks might be your thing.

Owner Alternatives

Owner vs Gamakatsu Hooks

Again, I love Gamakatsu hooks. For anyone who doesn’t find that Owner is a good fit for them (highly unlikely in my book) I’d say hands down to go try Gamakatsu.

They’re super sharp, super strong, and can be found at a lot of tackle stores.

soft plastic fluke jerkbait with a Gamakatsu EWG worm hook
Gamakatsu hooks work great with many soft plastics.

Are they – like Owner – a little pricey? Yes. Yes, they are.

You’ll pay $5 for 6 worm hooks.

BUT they hook fish beautifully. 

Totally. Worth it.


Owner vs Eagle Claw Hooks

Eagle Claw hooks were the de facto hook for many years. But their quality took a big nose dive several years back, leading many anglers to move on to better performing brands.

Word on the street is that Eagle Claw is on the rebound with their hook quality.

I’ve not put these hooks through the paces, but if what I hear is true they might be a big underdog in the hook industry right now.

Look for Eagle Claw hooks at Bass Pro Shops or even your local Walmart. They’re pretty inexpensive ($3 for 6 worm hooks) so you should have little difficulty loading up on hooks!

OwnerEagle Claw

Owner vs VMC Hooks

VMC is another underdog in the hook industry. A lot of pro anglers use them, so no doubts that they’ll catch fish.

My thoughts on VMC hooks? They do the job, but they’re not anything to write home about.

The carbon steel and tempering process used in Owner hooks is a step above what VMC has. This is what makes Owner hooks thinner and stronger (and *cough* slightly more expensive) than VMC hooks.

Does that mean you won’t catch fish if you use VMC hooks? Not at all.

I want to repeat that.

Not. At. All.

If you use VMC hooks (or any other hook brand for that matter) you will still catch fish.

BUT – big takeaway here – you may have to set the hook harder when using a VMC hook. And you may not have as easy a time landing the fish of a lifetime. 

It can be done, don’t get me wrong!

But I argue that Owner hooks enable you to do those things better than other hook brands.


Owner Hooks I Recommend

“Okay Blaine, you’ve convinced me to try out some Owner hooks. But where in the world do I start?”

This depends on your fishing style.

For me, I love finesse. I love light, strong hooks that allow me to fish with six-pound to ten-pound line.

Your mileage may vary. 

With that said, here are the hooks I recommend.

👉Owner Rig ‘N Hook – Best General Use Hook

The Owner Rig ‘N Hook is my general use hook for weedless presentations. 

Texas rigs, split shot rigs, you can even use it for weedless drop shot rigs.

I even use it on my super custom, super cool, super handmade Deep Cover Jig 😏.

Deep Cover bass jig made with an Owner Rig 'N Hook
My Deep Cover Jig ❤️

If you were to ask me, “What is the one Owner hook I should try first?”, I would say this hook right here – the Owner Rig ‘N Hook.

👉Owner Mosquito Light Hook – Best Dropshot Hook

Drop shot rigs have exploded in popularity in the last ten years. Fun fact – Owner Mosquito hooks are one of the de facto hooks for drop shotting!

These hooks are made with very thin, light wire but are sticky sharp. Take it from the pros who use them to earn a living – these hooks can handle big fish!

Psst, not sure what a Texas rig is? Is a drop shot unfamiliar to you?

Then check out this 👉 handy article.
It’ll teach you 5 proven ways you can use to effectively rig a plastic worm to catch fish!

👉Owner Beast Hook – Best Big Swimbait Hook

The Owner Beast hook is very much a “niche” hook. Big, thick-bodied swimbaits need a good hook too, you know!

Owner Beast hooks are meant for big, thick baits. Thus these hooks can get huge. As you might have guessed, heavy tackle is the name of the game when fishing with an Owner Beast hook!

👉Owner 5313 Jig Hook – Best Finesse Hook For Jig Makers

The Owner 5313 is – in my mind – the ultimate hook to put on a finesse jig.

Micro jig built with an Owner 5313 jig hook
Custom jig with a 5313 jig hook

It’s light enough that you can fish it with eight-pound line. But it’s strong enough that you can fish it with 12-pound line!

This hook is actually the first Owner hook I ever used, and I’ve been in love with it ever since.

The Owner 5313 is an extra strong hook with no flex whatsoever.

Once hooked, fish do not come off. At all.

If you make your own jigs and are interested in making your own finesse jigs, the Owner 5313 is simply a must have.

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👉Owner 5304 Deep Throat Hook – Best Flipping Hook For Jig Makers

The Owner Deep Throat hook is the stuff of legend!

Most hooks for flipping jigs are made with thick, heavy wire and designed for heavy tackle.

Not the Deep Throat hook! This guy is sleeker and thinner than other flipping jig hooks. And it has a V-shaped sproat bend that is totally unique.

These two features make the Deep Throat hook totally unlike all other flipping jig hooks. The sleeker wire makes it easy to set the hook, while the V-shaped bend keeps fish from spitting out the hook easily.


If you’re considering building a flipping jig with a 60 degree eye, check out the Owner 5304 Deep Throat hook. You won’t be disappointed.

Are Owner Hooks For You?

I can sing Owner’s praises all day long.

But enough about my praises – let’s talk about Owner Hooks and you.

Are Owner Hooks for you?

Short answer 👉 if you see the value of fishing with high quality tackle, Owner Hooks will be your best friend.

Long answer 👇👇

If you don’t see the value of investing in high quality tackle, pass on Owner Hooks for a less expensive option (like Eagle Claw).

With Eagle Claw, you can find basic hooks at relatively low prices (I can get 6 worm hooks for $3).

But if you want the guarantee that your hooks will perform every time…

If you want the guarantee that your hook will easily handle the fish of a lifetime

Then Owner Hooks will be right up your alley.

What do I think of Owner hooks?

I use them. Abuse them. Love them. Build jigs with them. I think they are the best hooks that can be bought.

For those who fish with soft plastic baits 👇

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For my fellow tackle makers 👇

Similarly, check out Barlow’s Tackle to get high quality Owner jig hooks for your jig designs!

Question for you – what hooks have you had success with?
Will you be trying Owner hooks?

Leave a comment below!

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  1. Great article. Owner hooks are the best. Me and my brother have a saying amongst ourselves;
    “When you hook a bass with an Owner hook, there ain’t no doubt who the owner is.”

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