Pink Salmon Twitching Jig overlaid with the title "Lure Recipe: How To Make Sunrise Twitching Jigs"

Lure Recipe: How To Make Sunrise Twitching Jigs

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When you think of salmon fishing, you probably aren’t thinking about twitching jigs. In fact, you’re probably thinking about spoons, spinners, jointed jerkbaits, and other well known baits that are widely associated with salmon fishing. But to those in the know, twitching jigs are a deadly bait for catching big bruiser salmon!

If you’re not familiar with twitching jigs, they are effective because of one main reason – they closely mimic the squid and shrimp that salmon feed on in the ocean. If you ever watch a squid swim, it repeatedly falls and darts upward, and then falls and darts upward. That’s the exact motion you create when you use a twitching jig!

For today’s lure recipe, I’ve chosen a pink-purple color pattern that is meant to closely resemble the natural colors of the squid that salmon regularly feed on. Due to the varying hues of pink and purple in this jig, I call this jig recipe “Sunrise.” Truth be told, I’ve filled a tackle box full of these jigs for the next time I go salmon fishing!

Have you fished with twitching jigs before? Leave a comment below about your experiences!

pink twitching jig

Sunrise Twitching Jig Recipe

Weedless Ballhead Jig Mold ($48)
The Weedless Ballhead Jig Mold by Do-It Molds is my favorite jig mold to date. I build finesse bass jigs with it. I make tiny crappie jigs with it. And as you can see here, I even make strong heavy duty salmon jigs with it! It’s just so hard to beat the versatility of a ballhead jig…

Tequila Sunrise Nova Stone Powder Paint ($11.95)
CS Coatings continues to be one of the best producers of powder paint for jig making, with their Protec powder paints. With that said, Barlow’s Tackle has added some serious competition with their stellar Nova Stone powder paints! Just like with Protec, you apply Nova Stone paint by heating the jighead and then quickly dipping it into the powder paint. Then you bake it in a dedicated toaster oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes for a rock hard paint finish.

What really sets Nova Stone paints apart from the competition are the color-shift colors that they are sold in. Take this Sunrise pattern, for instance. Rather than paint this jig with a solid pink color, I used Nova Stone Tequila Sunrise to achieve a color that looks very pink at one angle, and very purple at another!

Owner 5313 2/0 Jig Hook ($9.54 / 25)
Owner hook all the way here. Salmon are notoriously strong fish, so a sharp strong hook is a must. A legend in its own right, the Owner 5313 is renowned for being one of the strongest, most premium 90-degree jig hooks that money can buy. In the fight of Salmon V. Hook, you want as much strength as you can get!

Sunrise Twitching Jig Skirt

Purple Crystal Silicone ($3.18 / 10 tabs) ➡️ 1 full tab. Purple material adds a lot of color depth to this jig design, and really brings out the purple hues in the Tequila Sunrise jig paint.

Pink Bubblegum Silicone ($3.18 / 10 tabs) ➡️ 2 tabs. Pink material makes up most of this jig’s body. By using a total of 3 silicone tabs, we’re giving this jig a lot of bulk, a lot of body to get the attention of those big hungry salmon. Fact is, most twitching jigs are tied with hair rather than silicone. Using silicone is a simple way to set your jig apart from all the other twitching jigs that fall in front of a salmon’s nose!

Ready to make more salmon jigs?

Then check out this in-depth guide, detailing step-by-step how you can craft your own twitching jigs for less than $2 apiece! 👇

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