A pink and purple crappie jig with the title overlay "How To Make Crappie Jigs With Rabbit Zonkers"

How To Make Crappie Jigs With Rabbit Zonkers [Lure Recipe]

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Crappie jigs are one of my favorite lures to use, hands down.

Ironically, it’s because I catch so much more than crappie with them!

Crappie, bass, pike, perch, trout…you name it, and I’ve caught it on a crappie jig!

And I’m not the only one – more and more anglers nationwide are filling their tackle boxes with tiny little jigs. Why? Because they flat out catch fish; all kinds of fish!.

Today’s lure recipe puts a twist on the traditional crappie jig. Many crappie anglers use a small plastic grub or shad-style trailer on their jigs. Others use crappie hair jigs that are crafted using chenille and marabou.

But this crappie jig is built different. It’s made using a fluffy, furry rabbit zonker!

Dare I say it, I think this jig will be just as deadly for trout as it will be for crappie. Give this recipe a shot and me know what you think!

purple and pink crappie jig

Purple And Pink Crappie Jigs Recipe

👉 Jighead

Weedless Ballhead Jig Mold ($48)
The weedless ballhead jig is making yet another appearance (such a versatile mold 😍).
This particular jig weighs in at 1/16 oz and does not feature a weed guard.

Purple Pink Double Dazzle Powder Paint ($8.95)
The Double Dazzle powder paint by Barlow’s Tackle continues to impress. I don’t know if I’ve ever paired up a jighead color with a body material more perfectly!! That pink and purple glitter in the paint is such a perfect match with the purple fuschia fur. Well done, Barlow’s!

Victory 11149BN #4 Jig Hook ($7 / 100)
I typically use a lot of round bend hooks in my jig builds. But today, I’m breaking out the sickle hooks with this sweet little Victory V-loc hook.
The jury is still out for me, but from all I’ve heard these little sickle hooks keep fish pinned!

👉 Material

Ultra Thread 140 Denier Flat Wax Nylon ($2.59)
Just some basic white UTC Ultra Thread here. I use 140 denier on this 1/16 oz jig to ensure the thread doesn’t build up quickly on the collar.

Hareline Tiger Barred Rabbit Zonker in Black Purple Fuschia ($5.49)
Zonkers!! Rabbit zonkers that is 😁.

I love rabbit zonkers on a jig for multiple reasons. For one, they share the same fluid, enticing action that marabou feathers have. With that said, I actually like rabbit zonkers more than marabou because it is much more durable. Once you tie a rabbit strip tightly onto a jig, it stays there for many, many fish!

I took this rabbit zonker and palmered it on (A.K.A. I wound it around the hook shank) to create this gorgeous poofy profile. The Black Purple Fuschia fur is perfect for this – those colors downright pop!

Lots of other great colors available for these tiger barred rabbit strips. Be sure to check out the other colors Barlow’s Tackle has in stock; you won’t be disappointed!

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