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Lure Recipe: How To Make Bluegill Spinnerbaits

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Spinnerbaits were my first love, the first bait I consistently caught bass with. Like many other beginner anglers, spinnerbaits caught my eye simply because they were so easy to catch bass with.

Just cast it out, reel it back in, and you can catch fish!

That’s the beauty of fishing with a spinnerbait. You can fish a basic white spinnerbait and simply reel it in to catch bass. Or you can fish a meticulously designed spinnerbait with advanced techniques… and still catch bass!

Whether you’re great at fishing or not, spinnerbaits are simply a fantastic bait for getting bass to bite anywhere across the country.

So without further ado… let’s jump into today’s lure recipe!

When it comes to spinnerbaits, white and chartreuse are the popular colors across the board. Mimicking shad and other fleeing baitfish, these colors just work.

With that being the case, bass don’t often see a bluegill spinnerbait!

Enter today’s lure recipe – a bluegill spinnerbait designed especially for pond and river fishing. 👇

Bluegill spinnerbait

Bluegill Spinnerbait Recipe

👉 Modified Poison Swingtail Mold ($56)
The Poison Swingtail mold produces gorgeous jigs (like the black and blue swim jig showcased in this article). So I modified this mold to make similarly gorgeous spinnerbaits! We’re looking at a 1/4 oz head size for this particular spinnerbait build.

Bluegill Spinnerbait Head

👉 Magic Craw Blue Powder Paint ($8.25)
Green pumpkin is one of the most popular lure colors on the market, because of how closely it resembles bluegill, crawfish, and other fish forage. If you love green pumpkin lures, then you need some Magic Craw Blue powder paint in your life. It’s the same green pumpkin we all know and love, only it gives off a subtle, but gorgeous dark blue shimmer. Try this powder paint out, you’ll thank me later!

👉 Candy Transparent Orange Protec Powder Paint ($8.25)
Magic Craw Blue by itself would have made this spinnerbait head look stunning. Take it to the next level with a spritz of Candy Transparent Orange on the underside of the head, to give it that bright orange bluegill belly that we all know and love.

👉 Red 3D Eyes 5/32″ ($3.26 / 20)
Stunning 3D eyes add another layer of realism and pizzazz to the head of this bluegill spinnerbait. Going with red for these eyes, ’cause red makes those big bass angry! 🔥🔥

Bluegill Spinnerbait Skirt

👉 Nature’s Edge Watermelon Magic Silicone ($2.79 / 10 tabs)
Nature’s Edge watermelon silicone by itself has a very mottled look. Use watermelon magic instead, and now you have a silicone body that looks watermelon at one angle, and shimmery blue at another!

👉 Brown and Pumpkin Multi-glitter Silicone ($3.38 / 10. tabs)
Could’ve gone with straight orange for the bright belly of this design. Instead I opted for this striped brown/pumpkin silicone, which adds a lot of natural mottling to the orange belly of this bluegill spinnerbait!

Remaining Components

👉 VMC 7250 BN Spinnerbait Hook 2/0 ($5.65 / 50)
Love this spinnerbait hook. Stout little hook that is very sharp (I’ve pricked myself on these sticky sharp hooks many times 😅).

👉 Spinnerbait Wire Form 0.035″ ($4.44 / 50)
Since this is a smaller finesse spinnerbait, I’m going with 0.035″ wire here. This size wire is thin enough to allow plenty of vibration, and yet strong enough not to bend and break easily when a bass hits. #bestofbothworlds

👉 Hollow Nickel Plated Beads 1/8″ ($2.34 / 100)
Nothing special here – just standard hollow beads to space the clevis and the big blade on the end of the wire!

👉 Clevis Size 3 ($5.05 / 100)
Again, just a basic clevis for attaching the secondary blade.

👉 Ball Bearing Swivels with Split Rings ($11.71 / 10)
These are some pricey swivels… but hear me out, these will instantly make your spinnerbait better than the vast majority of mass produced spinnerbaits!
Want to test this out yourself? Take a basic store bought spinnerbait and flick the edge of the blade. Watch how that blade only rotates 2-3 times after you have made contact.

Now take a spinnerbait built with these swivels and do the same test. Instantly you’ll notice the difference – the blade freely rotates for several seconds before stopping! With premium swivels such as these, you can expect the blades on your spinnerbait to start turning the instant you start reeling it in!

👉 Premium Brass Mag Willow Blade Size 3 ($4.21 / 10)
I can hear it already… “Blaine, why not use something more popular, like willow or Colorado blades?”

My answer? Because mag willow blades are flat out awesome! 😂

Okay to be more precise, mag willow blades offer a great balance between willow blades and Colorado blades. Typically willow blades offer a lot of flash with little vibration. On the other end of the spectrum, Colorado blades offer less flash but lots of thump and vibration underwater.
Consider mag willows the perfect balance – a versatile blade that offers both flash and vibration!

👉 Premium Nickel Mag Willow Blade Size 2 ($2.47 / 10)
Keeping with the mag willow theme, this bluegill spinnerbait utilizes a smaller kicker blade to enhance its flash and thump underwater. 💪🏻


What do you think, does this design match the colors of a bluegill?

Split photo of a bluegill and a bluegill spinnerbait

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