A black and blue soft craw with the title overlay "Lure Recipe: How To Make Black And Blue Soft Craws"

Lure Recipe: How To Make Black And Blue Soft Craws

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A few weeks ago, I posted a super useful lure recipe showcasing how you can make your own black and blue jigs (check out the recipe here). Classic black and blue jigs simply catch bass everywhere!

But what is a jig without a trailer? The trailer adds bulk and action to the jig, bringing extra appeal to an already effective bait.

Think about it this way…

Can you catch fish with a bare jig? Yes.

Can you eat brownies by themselves? Yes!
But brownies à la mode, with ice cream on top… are even better 😋.

That is what trailers bring to a jig! The fact is, you will catch far more bass when you adorn a jig with a juicy trailer.

With that being the case, today’s lure recipe presents a finesse craw trailer in the same classic black and blue color as the jig recipe posted a few weeks ago. If this craw pattern catches fish for you like it has for me, you will have great fun making and catching fish with these craws!

black and blue soft craw

Black And Blue Craw Recipe

Katana Kraw Mold ($87)
Do-It Molds proudly announced this mold’s release at iCast in 2022, and it has not disappointed! From the bulky body to the textured floating claws to the tiny side appendages, Do-It designed every part of this bait with a specific purpose. The end result? A realistic 3-inch craw that is both seductively subtle and totally unique!

M-F Medium Plastisol ($57.95 / gallon)
M-F plastisol is the standard by which other liquid plastics are judged. Although more expensive than other plastisols, M-F is both low-oder and bubble-free, making it extremely easy to work with relative to other plastisols!

M-F Black Colorant (NB) ($7.95)
M-F colorants are among the best in the business. Shown here is a basic black base, a staple in any soft bait maker’s arsenal.

0.035 Large Blue Glitter ($6.49)
The large blue flake is what makes this color design pop. For 1/2 cup of liquid plastic, I add about 1/8 tsp of large blue flake to give it just the right amount of blue pizzazz.

BONUS: How I Fish Katana Kraws

👉 On A Jig

I love to put a Katana Kraw on a finesse jig (like the JIUL Tiny Terror Jig) and hop it on the bottom. This is a super deadly presentation for pressured bass in both lakes and rivers!

Largemouth Bass with a Tiny Terror Jig in its throat
Katana Kraw on a Tiny Terror Jig

Grab your Tiny Terror Finesse Jigs 👉 here

👉 On a Texas rig

Another technique I use with the Katana Kraw involves rigging it weedless with a 3/0 Owner Rig ‘N Hook and a small worm weight. Since the hook is buried into the plastic, this presentation is extremely weedless and remarkably versatile. Throw this bait into the thick stuff, softly twitch it, and then hold on tight!

Owner Rig ‘N Hooks are particularly important when Texas rigging Katana Kraws. Most EWG hooks do not have enough gap for this bait’s short, thick body. Owner Rig ‘N Hooks are short with a wide gap, making them perfect for these juicy fat craws.

Grab your Owner Rig ‘N Hooks 👉 here.

graphic showing how to do a texas rig

Want to learn how to make your own soft baits?

Then click on the banner below to check out our handy guide! It showcases the materials needed to get started, as well as step-by-step instructions for crafting your own soft baits!👇

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