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Fishing With Jigs: 5 Terrific Reasons Why You Should

What if you had a fishing lure that would catch fish anywhere, anytime? 

What if you had a fishing lure that would consistently catch trophy-sized bass?

What if you could DIY this deadly lure, and customize it to your heart’s content?

Sound far-fetched?

Good news; this lure is real and you can put it in your tackle box today.

Welcome once again to Jig Is Up Lurecraft. Today, I will be introducing you to the legendary jig and explaining 5 reasons why it is my favorite lure (and should be yours too).

1. Jigs are effective year round

The first reason why jigs are so special (and why I love them so much) is because they catch fish during all four seasons. 

smallmouth caught with a jig

Jigs fire up fish during the spring spawn, entice fish during the heat of summer, induce bone jarring bites during the fall, and activate lethargic fish in the dead of winter.

Jigs are so effective year round because they are so incredibly versatile. Steadily reel a jig in or dead stick it. Twitch and jerk it back to the boat or drag it on the bottom. In my opinion, there is no wrong way to fish a jig.

Another reason why jigs catch fish all year is because they have tons of secondary motion.

What is secondary motion?

When you cast out a jig and let it settle to the bottom, you will notice the skirt material continues to undulate, subtly and enticingly moving with the current. The material flows gently with the water, resembling the natural movements of fish forage. 

Fish love seeing these movements; it signals to them that this thing moving around is real and probably edible.

These natural movements are known as secondary motion, and they play a huge role in tempting lethargic fish to bite.

This phenomena is also why jigs are fantastic at inveigling fish during extreme weather conditions such as summer’s heat and winter’s cold. 

2. Jigs catch big bass

The second reason why I love jigs is because they catch big fish consistently! This fact is not only widely regarded among avid amateur fishermen, but it is a known fact among pro anglers – professionals who enlist jigs in their everyday arsenals to help them earn a living.

For instance, pro angler Jason Christie famously employed a two-lure arsenal to take home the winning trophy in the 2022 Bassmaster Classic

This two-lure arsenal consisted of a ballhead jig with a swimbait for deeper, suspended fish and a pitching jig with a craw trailer for shallow water fish. 

Using these jigs, Christie bagged 54 pounds of bass and landed a number one spot on fishing’s biggest stage.

In my own experience, I immediately noticed an increase in the quality of fish I was catching once I started using jigs consistently. 

Creeks that had yielded one-pound smallmouths were suddenly netting me two-pounders with more regularity. Stretches of water where I had not gotten a bite before were suddenly coming alive with quality fish.

Having tasted the sweet rewards of jig fishing, I rarely go out anymore unless I have a jig tied on or in my tackle box.

3. There is a jig for every situation

The third reason why jigs are great is because there is a jig for every fishing condition imaginable. I liken this to having a toolbox full of effective, specialized tools.

Collage with 3 jigs

Imagine this – you evaluate the water you’re fishing and determine what bait presentation you need to catch fish. 

You open your toolbox. There are several tools that greet you. With these tools, you have confidence that you can meet any fishing scenario you come across. 

You guessed it – these tools are jigs! 

Like the tool analogy, each type of jig is designed to excel under certain conditions. 

Are you fishing a lake full of scattered grass? Look no further than the faithful swim jig; it slides through grass with the greatest of ease.

Are you fishing deep offshore humps? Say no more; sink a heavy football jig down to the depths and drag it over those humps to find deeper fish.

Skipping docks? Grab an arky jig and skip away; it’ll hop and skim across the water and under those docks like a champ.

When it comes to jigs, there is one for every scenario. Build an arsenal with each kind, and you’ll be ready to face whatever fishing conditions you may encounter.

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4. Jigs are multispecies lures

The fourth reason why jigs are my favorite lure is because they catch many different fish species. 

Sunfish jig catch

When most anglers think of jigs, they think of bass fishing. 

Like I mentioned previously, jigs are wildly popular amongst anglers in bass fishing communities. So much so, that their ability to attract other fish easily gets overshadowed.

However, jigs are a great multispecies lure. Ask any bass fisherman, it’s very common to catch great numbers of catfish while fishing jigs on the bottom for bass. 

And they appeal even to smaller species, such as sunfish and crappie. I’ve personally caught green sunfish with a teeny 1/16 ounce jig while fishing for bass.

Whether you use them for bass specifically or you are simply trying to catch whatever is biting, a jig is a great option for hooking and landing all manner of fish.

5. Jigs are a blast to make

Last, but certainly not least, jigs are an absolute blast to build. 

I love making jigs. 

With jig building, there is always something new to try!

jig hook and finished jig

Whether it is the sweet gratification of a new paint scheme or the adrenal satisfaction of slamming a new hook home, the rewards of building and using your own jigs are indescribably enjoyable.

The customizations you can make to a jig are endless. Mind blowingly endless. There is so much more to jig building than custom paint jobs or skirt color combinations.

Consider the jig head shape – there are oodles of different head designs you can choose from, each one with its own strengths and weaknesses. 

There is the ball head, football head, poison tail head, arky head, banana head … the list goes on and on! 

And don’t even get me started on skirt material. If you thought silicone skirts were great, just wait until rubber, marabou, and buck tail enter the conversation.

The point I’m making is this – jig building has just as many fun points as fishing itself and is equally as addictive. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.

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Conclusion: Fishing With Jigs – 5 Terrific Reasons Why You Should

Anglers of all skill levels and in all parts of the world catch fish with jigs. 

Few lures have accumulated such legendary status in the professional fishing industry.

Fact is, jigs catch a lot of quality fish, and they do it all year.

The best part is, you can build these yourself and make a legendary lure totally unique to you.

If you haven’t used a jig before, give one a try! You can find them in abundance at most tackle stores.

Or alternatively, you can save yourself the drive and check out our Tiny Terror Jig. I hand make these jigs with quality in mind (and am having a blast doing it!).

And if I can make jigs by hand, trust me, you can too.

What is your experience with jigs? Have they propelled you to fish-catching success? 

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