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Epic Fishing Quest: One Lure To Rule Them All

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One Lure to rule them all, One Lure to find them, One Lure to beat them all and in the tackle box bind them.

I sincerely think this is one of the most unique articles I will ever write for Jig Is Up Lurecraft.

Most articles I write are educational, teaching anglers and baitmakers how they can make their own baits and catch fish.

But this article is totally different.

This article is a challenge. A challenge for myself (and for you, dear reader, if you choose to join me).

Since the inception of this blog, I have proclaimed to the world that jigs are amazing fish catchers. 

I’ve written about 5 reasons why you should fish with jigs.

And I’ve demonstrated how you can make your own jigs.

So it’s no secret – I love making jigs and catching fish with jigs.

But then last week, I had a startling realization.

I was learning various techniques and baits for salmon fishing when I discovered the twitching jig, a heavy duty jig renowned for hooking big kings and cohos.

And then it hit me. Wait a minute … one of the best salmon baits is… a jig?

Wait… isn’t one of the best bass baits of all time… the bass jig?

And for crappie… the crappie jig?

And for walleye… a simple jig with a paddle tail trailer?

Isn’t one of the best trout lures of all time… an old school hair jig?

Jigs catch all these species and more.

In fact, I can’t think of any other fishing lure that catches so many species in so many regions of the world.

This brought me to an important question…

Could jigs be the One Lure to rule them all??

In my opinion – yes.

BUT I want to emphatically prove whether this is true or not.

So I am embarking on a fishing quest – a quest to discover how many different species I can catch on a simple ballhead jig.

A quest to discover if jigs truly are the One Lure to rule them all.

Here’s what this challenge will entail.

👉Epic Fishing Quest – The Jig

Jig fanatic here 👉 I am well acquainted with their power to draw fish.

Although there are many different jig styles to choose from, my goal is to use one jig mold for the jigs that will catch all these fish.

👉 The Weedless Ballhead Jig Mold by Do-It Molds 👈

I love this mold. 

painted ballhead jig sitting on a jig mold

Variety of sizes

Small weedguard ✅

Usable with light and heavy wire hooks ✅

It can make small jigs for panfish and trout. And yet it still makes larger jigs for bass, walleye, and so forth.

I can hear the question coming already…

“Blaine, how will this jig be strong enough to handle those bruiser salmon?”

That’s the beauty of this mold. I can craft super small micro jigs for panfish (and even bass) with light wire hooks. Yet, this mold can also take heavier duty hooks too for bigger, stronger fish.


👉Epic Fishing Quest – The Species I Will Be Targeting

Next on the roadmap 👉 what species are on my hit list?

I’m starting with a conservative list of 15 different fish species.

Fish Already Caught

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • White Crappie
  • Black Crappie
  • Green Sunfish
  • Rainbow Trout
  • smallmouth caught with a jig built with an Owner 5313 hook
  • Sunfish jig catch

Fish Yet To Catch







Rock Bass

rock bass

Brown Trout

a brown trout, with a pink worm in its mouth, held by a person's hand








As you can see, I’ve caught several species already using jigs.

But there’s still a ways to go!

I anticipate that some of these fish will be easy to check off my list. Redear and bluegill, for instance, are very abundant to my native Indiana and thus should not be difficult to catch.

But other species such as salmon and steelhead will require several hours of driving for me to get a shot at. Even perch might be difficult for this Indiana angler to track down…

Challenge accepted!! 💪🏻

Epic Fishing Quest – The Final Details

So I’ve laid out what jig I will be using for this challenge, as well as the 15 species I will be targeting.

What date do I want to achieve this all by?

December 31, 2024.

That’s right, I want this fishing quest to be fully completed by the end of 2024.

Ambitious? We will see!

The biggest challenge I have before me is making the trips for salmon and steelhead so that I actually catch one. 

With those species aside, I think most other species are easily attainable within the next 19 months.

Epic Fishing Quest – Will You Join Me?

The One Lure To Rule Them All challenge has been set forth – the quest is now underway!

My question to you is this – will you join me on this quest?

Will you join the Fellowship of the Lure? If you want to join in this challenge, here’s a few things you can do!!

#1 👉 Get some jigs for the challenge.

  • This can be your favorite store bought jig
  • It can be one of the jigs we sell here at Jig Is Up Lurecraft.
  • It can even be jigs you make yourself!

#2 👉 Join the newsletter via the form below, or follow @jigisuplurecraft on Instagram!

This will allow you to get updates as I catch fish for this challenge!

#3 👉 Tag your fish catches on Instagram using the tag #oneluretorulethemall.

This lets me and everyone else on the quest see how much you are killing this challenge!

#4 👉 Send pics of fish you catch to blaine@jigisuplurecraft.com.

I’d love to see the different species you are catching for the One Lure To Rule Them All challenge! 

Epic Fishing Quest F.A.Q.

Who is the One Lure To Rule Them All Challenge for?

For me, for other avid anglers, and for baitmakers who have thought they need every lure or mold in the book to catch fish.

What is the problem?

I want to prove to myself (and to the baitmaking, angling world at large) that one jig in the right hands can catch all kinds of fish. Do we really need every kind of bait or jig or mold? I don’t think so.

Do I need to catch the same 15 fish species to complete this challenge?

Not at all! The main objective of this quest is to challenge yourself to catch a lot of different fish, using one lure. This can be as few as 10 species, or it can be many more!

Feel free to send me your list at blaine@jigisuplurecraft.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Do I need to catch all these species by the end of 2024 too?

Absolutely not! Instead of 19 months, feel free to take 2-3 years (or however long you feel like) to chip away at this challenge. Again, the main goal is to get people fishing for different species using the same bait!

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