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12 Epic Fishing Gifts For The Expert Tackle Maker

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Holiday season is here, and I find myself asking the question, “Do I really need any more tackle making equipment?”

Simple answer ➡️ YES.

Absolutely. Always. Without question.

Truth be told, I started making lures with only a single mold and a handful of basic colors.

But now I possess several molds and lots more colors, and my lure designs have become more and more… complex. Layered. Unique. And wildly fun.

This is true for many other tackle makers! Making your own baits is simply addicting.

If you are a bait maker filling out your Christmas wish list – or a gift giver seeking cool fishing gifts for a friend – there are so many tackle making products to choose from.

It gets overwhelming fast.

Welcome back to Jig Is Up Lurecraft! In today’s article, I’m going to make the gift finding process simple for you by showcasing 12 popular fishing gifts that you can buy today for your tackle making friends!

Fishing Gifts For Jig Makers

Weedless Darter Jig Mold ($48)

In recent years, weedless jigs have exploded in popularity. So when Do It Molds released the Weedless Midwest Finesse Jig Mold a few years ago, it was a sensational hit among jig makers!

Building on this success, Do It Molds released a brand new weedless jig mold this year when it unveiled the Weedless Darter Jig Mold.

Weedless Darter Jig by Do It Molds

The Weedless Darter Jig has a unique pointed head and is built using the same EWG jig hook employed by the Weedless Midwest Finesse Jig.

With that said, one of the shining features of this jig is how perfectly balanced it is. Because of how the lead is distributed around the jig hook, this jig sits perfectly horizontal when gliding in the water!

Consider these jigs your next go-to for perfectly presenting a bait in front of suspending bass.

Available in sizes ⅛ oz to ⅜ oz, you can get your Weedless Darter Jig Mold 👉 here at Barlow’s Tackle.

Finesse Swimbait Jig Mold ($56)

The Finesse Swimbait Jig Mold is another product released by Do It Molds this year. With this mold, Do It Molds sought to create a jig that would not only pair perfectly with slender finesse swimbaits, but would also rock aggressively side-to-side on the retrieve.

Finesse Swimbait jighead by Do It Molds

The jigs cranked out by this mold accomplish those very things!

  • ✅ Deep recessed eyes
  • ✅ Flared gill plates
  • ✅ Screw-lock keeper
  • ✅ Available in sizes ranging from 3/32 oz to ⅜ oz

You can get yours 👉 here at Barlow’s Tackle.

Razzle Dazzle Jig Paint ($7.95)

For many years, Protec Powder Paint has been the most popular powder paint used in custom tackle for painting jigs. In the last few years, however, Barlow’s Tackle has introduced some stiff competition in the jig paint world!

Razzle Dazzle jig paint is their latest offering in the powder paint market, and it is a stunner!

Three jigs painted with the Razzle Dazzle jig paint fishing gift

These paints are composed almost entirely of bright, shiny glitter. If you want a bright, reflective jighead, this jig paint is for you!

You can get yours 👉 here at Barlow’s Tackle.

Nova Stone Powder Paint ($11.95)

Quick confession – I actually included Nova Stone powder paint in last year’s gift guide too… but it’s such a cool powder paint, I had to include it again!

My experience with Nova Stone paint has been confined to their Tequila Sunrise color. I’ve been making jigs with this paint, and – in my humble opinion – this color is a beaut!

Tequila Sunrise powder paint fishing gift, on a pink jig

At one angle it’s pink, at another angle it’s purple. This chameleon color shift is exactly what you will experience with any of the Nova Stone paints. #gorgeous

You can get yours 👉 here at Barlow’s Tackle.

Fishing Gifts For Soft Bait Makers

Epic Shatterbait Mold ($270)

New molds are released all the time by mold companies, and it’s relatively rare anymore that I sit up and take notice. But when Epic Bait Molds released the all new Shatterbait mold, I was stoked with what I saw!

Epic Shatterbait fishing gift by Epic Bait Molds

As its name suggests, the Shatterbait was designed to be the perfect Chatterbait trailer. At 4.4 inches long, it is a chunky bait!

With that said, my favorite feature of the Shatterbait are the tiny twin paddles on the tail. Unlike the big boot tails that most swimbaits have, these small paddles give off a tight rapid vibration that is actually very similar to the tail motion of a fleeing shad!

This design ➡️ total game changer.

You can get yours 👉 here at Epic Bait Molds.

Epic Draggin Craw Mold ($180)

Another recent addition to the Epic Bait Molds lineup, the Draggin Craw mold produces baits that are totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The baits this mold pumps out are actually designed to mimic a craw that is dragging a worm!

Draggin Craw by Epic Bait Molds

What really draws me to this mold is the fact that you can use it as is (with the craw and the worm together) or you can snip off the worm and use the craw all by itself. Talk about a killer jig trailer…

You can get yours 👉 here at Epic Bait Molds.

N2 Injector (starting at $99.95)

Want to upgrade your soft bait injector? Look no further than the super high quality injectors made by N2!

These injectors are tough. Made with heavy duty aluminum. Equipped with a safe locking pin for the nozzle.

You’d be hard pressed to invest money on a better series of injectors.

Get yours 👉 here at Barlow’s Tackle.

Alpha Pigments (starting at $6)

It’s amazing to see how far soft bait colors have come. In the beginning, there were only options for solid, uniform colors.

But now there exists a growing market of incredibly eye-catching color shift pigments that turn simple soft baits into attention-worthy works of art!

Chief among these color shift pigments are the products turned out by the fine folks at Alpha Pigments.

Diamond pearls, metallic pearls, colorshift pearls… Alpha Pigments has a mind blowing array of products that you can use to take your soft baits to the next level!

You can check out their super sweet colorshift pearls  👉 here at

Pearl Glitter ($11.95)

Pearl glitter is yet another great product that Barlow’s Tackle has released in recent years. And to be perfectly candid, it was not a product I was very interested in… until I got my hands on it and tried it for myself.

Gold smoke soft baits

Adding a little bit of Pearl Gold glitter to translucent smoky plastic created a stunningly superb gold smoke color.

So now… I have Pearl Blue. And soon I’ll be getting Pearl Green glitter too!

Do yourself a favor and try this glitter out. You won’t regret it.

You can get yours 👉 here at Barlow’s Tackle.

BANG Fish Attractant ($9.99)

One of the most beautiful things about making your own soft baits is the ability to add whatever scent you want to your custom creations!

There are tons of fish attractants and worm oils on the market that you can use to accomplish this, but few come as highly recommended as BANG fish attractant does.

Available in common scents like Anise, Crawfish, Shad, and Garlic.

You can get yours 👉 here at Bass Pro Shops.

Fishing Gifts For General Bait Making

Boggs Tacklemaker Wire Bender ($99.95)

If you like to build spinners, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, or any other kind of wire bait, then the Boggs Tacklemaker is for you!

Boggs Tacklemaker fishing gift

The Boggs Tacklemaker is a wire bending tool that allows you to easily shape your wire for whatever wire bait you may be crafting.

There are definitely more expensive options on the market, but the Boggs Tacklemaker offers fantastic value for the price – it’s a marvelous balance between cost and features!

You can get yours 👉 here at Barlow’s Tackle.

Round Nose Pliers ($9.95)

Last but not least on our handy gift guide is a handy, invaluable tool for anyone building spinners or spinnerbaits – a quality set of round nose pliers.

round nose pliers fishing gift

Round nose pliers are a simple gift, but I use mine constantly. I used to work with ordinary needle nose pliers for bending wire. Switching to round nose pliers has been an absolute game changer for me.

If you or someone you know does a lot of wire bending, then these round nose pliers are for you!

You can get yours 👉 here at Barlow’s Tackle.

Conclusion: 12 Epic Fishing Gifts For The Expert Tackle Maker

When it comes to choosing great fishing gifts for the bait makers among us… there are a lot of great products to choose from.

And to be candid, there are many great products on the market that aren’t on the list!

But the gift list in today’s article showcases the new stuff. These are, in fact, some of the best products released to the custom tackle industry within the last few years!

Want to see these fishing gifts in action?

Then click the banner below to check out our luremaking recipes and tutorials! They teach you everything you need to know about making jigs, soft baits, and even trout spinners!

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