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Fishing Gift Guide: 20 Unique Gifts For The Tackle Maker

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Last week, I unveiled 20 fishing gifts you can get for the angler in your life.

The curation of these gift ideas brought my fisherman’s heart much glee.

With that said, these gifts were selected particularly for fishermen. It might seem I had forgotten my tackle making friends altogether!

Fishing gifts are indeed marvelous, but what about the tackle maker in your life you want to get gifts for?

Welcome back once again to Jig Is Up Lurecraft! 

There are oodles of fantastic gift ideas you can get today for your tackle making friends! Today I am unveiling a list of 20 fishing gifts curated especially for the tackle makers among us.

Fishing Gift For The Jig Maker

1. Premium Jig Hooks

Owner jig hooks with a wood background
Owner Jig Hooks

Few hook manufacturers are esteemed as highly as Owner and Gamakatsu. Though priced at a premium, both manufacturers are popular due to the amount of strength they are able to put into a small hook. To determine what hooks the jig maker in your life uses, consult the product pages at Barlow’s Tackle – there, you will find what size hooks work for each jig mold!

Recommended Premium Jig Hooks

90 Degree Jig Hook ➡️ Gamakatsu Big River Jig Hook 
60 Degree Jig Hook ➡️ Owner 5304 Jig Hook
60 Degree Flat Eye Jig Hook ➡️ Gamakatsu 614 Jig Hook

2. New Magnum Weedless Finesse Jig Mold ($56)

Weedless Midwest Finesse Jig Mold

Do-It Molds has upped the bar once again with the Magnum Weedless Finesse Jig Mold. This mold takes a classic weedless profile and gives it a larger head and a stouter hook. This is perfect for someone who loves an easy alternative to a traditional weighted Texas Rig!

3. New Hybrid Grass Jig Mold ($56)

do it molds hybrid grass jig for bass

Similarly, Do-It Molds also recently released an all new Hybrid Grass Jig Mold. The double pronged bait keeper is one of the most effective I’ve ever seen at keeping a trailer on a jig. This jig will be perfect for those who love to power fish around lots of vegetation.

4. New Chartreuse Pepper Powder Paint ($9.99)

Coppermine Protec Powder Paint
I love Pro-Tec Powder Paint!

CS Coatings is the standard by which all powder paints are measured. Affordable and easy-to-use, their paints are an incredible value. Check out their new Chartreuse Pepper color. It looks like a modern twist to the classic chartreuse we all know and love!

5. Stand-up Rack for Baking Jigs ($21.50)

Baking a jig in a toaster oven is a common practice among jig makers. We like to create the most durable paint finishes possible! Stand-up racks improve upon this process by allowing excess paint to flow down the hook shank rather than bulge out on the jig head.

Fishing Gift For The Soft Plastic Lure Maker

6. Color Shift Pigment from Barlow’s Tackle (starts at $9.49)

Sunrise Twitching Jig

Color shift pigments are sweet. Unlike normal colorants, color shift pigments introduce color changes to your soft plastic lures as you look at them from different angles. This is a fantastic way to add depth and a layer of realism to soft plastic fishing lures!

7. Double Injector System (starts at $295)

Ever wonder how soft plastic lures get those perfect two tone color schemes? You can achieve that same effect with a double injector system! Simple fill up the two injectors, each with a different color of plastic, and then shoot the plastic into your injection molds!

8. New Bot Worm Mold from Angling AI ($33)

Open pour soft plastic molds allow you to make color schemes that are impossible for big companies to achieve on a major scale. The Bot Worm Mold from Angling AI is a fantastic quality mold for anyone looking to start soft plastic lure making, or for those looking to add a high quality mold to their collection.

9. New Katana Kraw Mold from Do-It Molds ($87)

black and blue soft craw

The new Katana Kraw mold by Do-It Molds is a fabulous injection mold that allows you to make uber realistic craws. I love the profile of this bait. It oozes some serious “micro jig trailer” vibes (and you all know how much I love jig fishing!

10. Budget Friendly Open Pour Molds from Lure Parts Online 

Looking for an affordable, fun gift for a tackle maker? Look no further than the silicone open pour molds offered at Lure Parts Online. These molds represent a high value, low cost option for those looking to expand their collection of soft plastic lure molds.

Fishing Gift For The Hard Bait Maker

11. Iwata Eclipse Airbrush ($174.95)

The Iwata Eclipse Airbrush is a fantastic upgrade for any hard bait custom painter. This premium airbrush enables next level painting on crankbaits, jerkbaits, and other hard body baits.

12. Createx Airbrush Paint 

Hard bait makers never have enough paint for their custom designs! Createx Paint is the standard by which other airbrush paints are measured by. Give them a whole new set of colors or help them restock their paint with the quality Createx airbrush paints at Barlow’s Tackle!

13. New Coffin-bill Crankbait Blank from Do-It Molds ($11.99)

The new coffin-bill crankbait blank from Do-it Molds is a modern twist on a classic crankbait profile. Gift these blanks for the tackle maker in your life to give them a fresh, new crankbait canvas to paint on!

14. Premium Gamakatsu Treble Hooks (starts at $6.95)

To upgrade the treble hooks used by your tackle making friend, consider gifting them the premium hook strength offered by Gamakatsu! Although priced at a premium, Gamakatsu hooks offer a penetration and strength rivaled by few other hook manufacturers.

15. Premium Realistic 3-D Eyes (starts at $3.79)

stealth terror swim jig

DIY baitmaking offers endless customization. Unique 3-D eyes are one such customization that puts DIY lures a step above the vast majority of mass produced fishing lures. 

Fishing Gift For The Tier

16. Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise

Griffin Odyssey fly tying vise

Want to help the fly tier in your life upgrade their vise? The Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise offers a lot of value for the price, and represents a fun vise upgrade for any fly tier or jig tier!

17. Dr. Slick Fly Tying Tools

Similarly, the Dr. Slick tools offer a convenient, high value way for any tier looking to upgrade their tools. Dr. Slick offers high value products such as scissors, bobbins, bodkins, bobbin threaders, whip finishers, and hackle pliers.

Fishing Gift For The Beginner Baitmaker

18. Do-It Essential Series Soft Plastic Lure Starter Kit ($89.99)

Know an angler who is interested in entering the world of lurecraft? Do-It makes a fabulous starter kit for making DIY soft plastic lures! The kit includes the injector, plastisol, colorant, and flake that are needed for making soft plastics.

19. Ned Rig Jig Making Kit ($66.95)

The Ned rig is one of the most popular techniques amongst amateur anglers due to its effectiveness and simplicity. Ned rig jigs are also remarkably simple to make! Start a beginner baitmaker off right by getting them a comprehensive kit for this great bait.

20. Inline Spinner Kit from Mud Hole Custom Tackle ($19.99)

Inline Spinner with wood background

DIY inline spinners are the perfect introduction to anyone who wants to start making their own lures. You can make your own spinners in less than five minutes! Read my inline spinner guide to learn more about this great spinner kit from Mud Hole Custom Tackle.

Conclusion – Fishing Gift Guide: 20 Unique Gifts For The Tackle Maker

There are plenty of awesome gifts in existence for tackle makers.

Whether it’s a new powder paint, airbrush, or soft plastic mold, your gift is sure to be a hit for the baitmaker in your life!

Did you find any of these gift ideas helpful? Let me know by sending an email to blaine [at] jigisuplurecraft [dot] com!

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