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How To Make Black And Blue Jigs [2023 Lure Recipe]

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The classic black and blue jig is unquestionably the most popular jig on Planet Earth for catching bass. Why? Because it flat out works! It catches fish in clear water or dirty water, in open water or in thick vegetation. It’s a staple that bass seem to love everywhere.

Today’s lure recipe is my take on a classic black and blue jig. It’s got those well known solid black and blue skirt strands, but I’ve thrown some spice into this design not only by adding some black-blue scale skirt material but also by incorporating this pattern onto my Stealth Terror Swim Jig platform!

While this color will work pretty much anytime and anyplace, look to catch the most fish by throwing this jig in water with some color to it. Although bass will eat it in super clear water, the dark profile and contrasting colors are especially suited to get their attention when water visibility is limited.

black and blue swim jig

Black And Blue Jig Recipe (Swim Jig Style)

Poison Swingtail Jig Mold ($56)
In my humble opinion, the Poison Swingtail Jig mold is one of the most underrated jig molds Do-It Molds sells. The jigs it spits out are snag-free by design, meaning you can easily throw these jigs into thick stuff and not hang up. From ⅛ to 1 oz, the mold comes with a superb range of sizes. And best of all, these jigs come with that beautiful Poison head 🤤. #signmeup

Black Protec Powder Paint ($7.95)
It doesn’t get much simpler than the ever versatile, ever classic black powder paint. Featured here is the black powder paint from the fine folks at CS Coatings Protec. After coating the jighead, bake it for 20 minutes at 350 degrees for a rock hard paint finish!

Silver Holographic 3D Eyes ($2.96 / 20)
Ahh, who doesn’t love a lovely set of eyes on a jig? Shown here are the silver holographic 3D eyes from Barlow’s Tackle. They give this jig a whole new dimension of realism!

Owner 5137 2/0 EWG Hook ($4.39 / 5)
An Owner hook here to top off this jig. Why? Because a quality jig requires a quality hook! 2/0 is perfect for finesse swimbaits and grubs. Look to upsize to a 3/0 or even a 4/0 if you prefer thicker creature baits for your swim jigs.

Black And Blue Jig Skirt

Black Silicone ($3.18 / 10 tabs) ➡️ 1 full tab. No black and blue design is complete without – well – black!

Matte Blue Silicone ($3.18 / 10 tabs) ➡️ ½ tab. Traditional black and blue color ways have a deep, vibrant blue. Today’s design features a softer matte blue color, which gives this design a softer look than what you typically see.

Black-Blue Scale Silicone ($2.99 / 10 tabs) ➡️ ½ tab. This silicone is what sets this design apart and gives it the extra pop it needs. Absolutely love those repeating flashes of blue!

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