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The Best Soft Plastic Bait Molds For Making Amazing Baits

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Soft plastic baits are a big deal.

If you’ve shopped for fishing lures much at all, you know what I mean! The store aisles are lined with shelf after shelf of various soft plastic lures in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

In fact, picking a soft plastic lure can feel overwhelming very quickly.

Unfortunately, picking quality molds for making soft baits can feel the same way!

There are dozens of molds for lizards, beavers, craws, dropshot worms, stickbaits, ribbon tail worms, swimbaits, grubs… 😵‍💫… and the list goes on!

Fortunately, the process of selecting the right bait mold for you can be simplified.

Welcome back to Jig Is Up Lurecraft! Today we are diving into soft plastic bait molds. To be more precise, we will be looking at the best bait molds you can use to create your own unique soft plastic fishing lures!

There are dozens and dozens of quality soft plastic lure molds on the market. But if you are just diving into the world of custom soft baits, there are 12 classic, de facto molds that you should consider first!

Here’s what they are.

A Note On Selecting The Soft Plastic Bait Molds

To be clear, narrowing the list of soft plastic bait molds down to 12 is a wildly challenging task. There are simply so many great molds out there!

But to keep the decisions as simple as possible for you, I’ve selected what I think are the best molds for each kind of soft bait. Worms, craws, and creatures – oh my!

Please bear in mind that these selections are my picks based upon my opinion on the best molds from reputable mold companies that I believe in.

The Best Soft Plastic Bait Molds

👉 Best Stickbait Mold: Do-It Molds Senko

The Senko mold made by Do-It Molds is the original, the classic stickbait mold used by soft bait makers today.

Do-It Molds Senko


Because this is the first (and only) mold to be licensed off of the original Gary Yamamoto Senko itself!

For real, there are a lot of great molds for stick baits out there (Epic Bait Molds and Angling AI both have great options). But this is the original. The first. The classic.

Available in both a CNC version (more expensive, more polished finish) and a budget-friendly cast aluminum version (less expensive, more textured finish).

Give this staple a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Buy the CNC Senko Mold ($102) at Barlow’s Tackle.

Buy the Cast Aluminum Senko Mold ($43) at Barlow’s Tackle.

👉 Best Finesse Worm Mold: Angling AI Bot Worm

Next on our list of worm molds is a beautiful open pour mold – the Bot Worm mold from Angling AI!

At $39, the Angling AI 6” Bot Worm mold is arguably the most bang-for-your-buck worm mold on the market today.

The finesse worms created by the Bot Worm mold are much like the popular Roboworm. You can rig them weightless, on a shaky head, on a dropshot, or even on a Carolina Rig and catch bass anywhere!

Plus, open pour molds such as this one do not require the purchase of an injector to make baits (unlike injection molds).

Arm yourself with a few Pyrex cups, and you can start hand pouring dazzling colors!

It’s a budget-friendly recipe for custom worm success.

Buy the Bot Worm Mold ($39) at Angling AI Molds. 

👉 Best Dropshot Worm Mold: Epic Bait Molds Vert Worm

A relative newcomer to the custom tackle making community, Epic Bait Molds sprang onto the scene as a maker of premium, high quality soft plastic bait molds. 

The Vert Worm mold is a prime example of the quality products the folks at Epic Bait Molds crank out.

Epic Bait Molds Vert Dropshot Worm

Open pour capabilities ✅
Unique dropshot worm shape ✅
Extremely high quality aluminum ✅
Affordable price ✅

The Vert Worm is your quintessential dropshot worm with a subtle twist – the fine folks at Epic threw a unique sort of spade tail onto the end of the worm!

This specially shaped tail gives the Vert Worm a look very unique to dropshot worms.

Add in the ability to use hand pouring techniques such as skin pouring and capsule pouring, and you have a mold that grants you endless options for dropshot worm customization!

Buy the Vert Worm Mold ($80) at Epic Bait Molds.

👉 Best Action Craw Mold: Angling AI Ecto Craw

Starting off our list of craw molds is a heavy hitter – the Angling AI Ecto Craw!

Most soft plastic craws fall into one of two kinds – realistic, subtle craws and action-oriented flapping craws.

The Ecto Craw is a classic example of the action-oriented craw. This craw flaps aggressively with the slightest movements!

And at 3.4”, the Ecto Craw is also a very versatile sized craw to fish with. You can put it on a Texas rig and hop it along the bottom. Or you can slap it onto a jig and start dragging it or swimming it!

The point is this – if you are looking to make your own action craws, the Ecto Craw is one of the best you can buy. Period.

Buy the Ecto Craw Mold ($133) at Angling AI Molds.

👉 Best Finesse Craw Mold: Do-It Molds Katana Kraw

Do-It Molds consistently puts out quality soft bait molds that are both budget-friendly and feature-packed.

Do It Molds Katana Kraw soft bait

The Katana Kraw is a prime example of the amount of bang Do-It Molds gives you for your buck.

For $87, you get a cast aluminum mold with 5 craw cavities.

Each craw has a handful of key features, including

Floating claws ✅
Subtle antennae tentacles ✅
Lifelike appendages ✅
Double hook slot ✅
Realistic textured body ✅
3-inch finesse package ✅

These features combine to provide what I think is one of the best finesse craws on the market today!

At 3 inches, the Katana Kraw is perfect for Ned Rigs and finesse jigs. It’s even a great bait for a downsized Texas Rig!

Tiny Terror bass jig with a Katana Kraw soft bait trailer

When Do-It Molds released the Katana Kraw, I was so excited

If you’ve read this blog for very long, then you know I have a great love for bass fishing with jigs.

I’d looked and longed for a finesse craw sidekick to my Tiny Terror Jig. There was nothing to fill that void, until the Katana Kraw mold came along.

Largemouth Bass with a Tiny Terror Jig in its throat
Tiny Terror Jig with a Katana Kraw trailer

Let the fun begin.

Buy the Katana Kraw mold ($87) at Barlow’s Tackle.

👉 Best Beaver Bait Mold: Do-It Molds Bushi Beetle

Another recent newcomer to the Do-It Molds lineup is the Bushi Beetle, an original-to-them beaver design.

Do-It Molds Bushi Beetle soft bait mold

The Bushi Beetle is unique because it pairs a thick bulky body with extremely thin flappers.

This combination creates a chunky underwater presence that paddles its feet with the slightest of movements.

The double hooks lot and big paddles combine to make this bait a dream to rig and fish. Look to catch big bass on the Bushi Beetle by putting it on a Texas Rig, weightless rig, or even threaded onto a bass jig!

Buy the Bushi Beetle mold ($87) at Barlow’s Tackle.

👉 Best Grub Mold: Epic Bait Molds Rocket Grub

Next up is one of my favorite molds to date – the Rocket Grub by Epic Bait Molds!

Epic Bait Molds Rocket Grub soft bait mold

The Rocket Grub is a simple bait consisting of a ribbed body and a twin-set of paddle tails. Although a simple bait, the Rocket Grub is one of the most versatile soft baits you can make.

You can rig it on a swim jig and drag it on the bottom to mimic a crawfish. Or you can swim it through the water to replicate a swimming bluegill!

You can even rig the Rocket Grub weightless on a worm hook and throw it into thick cover.

Regardless of your style of fishing, the Rocket Grub has you covered.

Buy the Rocket Grub Mold ($240) at Epic Bait Molds.

👉 Best Lizard Mold: Angling AI Lizard

The Zoom Lizard is a bass fishing staple for many anglers. When thrown on a Carolina Rig, it is an incredibly deadly bait!

Angling AI took the classic Lizard profile and gave it a bigger curly tail with more underwater thump. The result is a hard-hitting 6-inch Lizard mold loaded with action!

If you like to target bass deep with Carolina Rigs…

If you like to fish for bass on beds during the spawn…

Then this bait mold is for you.

Buy the Lizard mold ($139) at Angling AI Molds.

👉 Best Creature Mold: Epic Bait Molds Hawg

Next on our list is a modern twist to the Zoom Brush Hog – the Epic Bait Molds Hawg!

Epic Bait Molds Hawg soft bait mold

Anglers nationwide love to throw Brush Hogs on Texas Rigs in search of big bass.

With the Epic Hawg, you now have the option to make your own!

With the addition of ribbed details and curly appendages, you might find that you like the Epic Hawg even more than the original Brush Hog…

Buy the Epic Hawg ($240) at Epic Bait Molds.

👉 Best Injection Swimbait Mold: Epic Bait Molds Shadderbait

The Epic Shadderbait is the newest, and arguably the most unique, mold on our list.

Epic Bait Molds Shadderbait soft bait mold

As its name implies, the Shadderbait was designed to be a premium trailer for chatterbaits.

And a unique trailer the Shadderbait is!

Whereas many swimbaits have a big boot-tail that give it a swimming action, the Shadderbait employs a split kicker tail that rapidly vibrates on the retrieve.

This tail design is fantastic at mimicking the natural swimming motion of shad, one of bass’s favorite snack species!

The Epic Shadderbait mold is available with 3 injection ports, so you can quickly and easily inject your own!

Buy the Shadderbait mold ($270) at Epic Bait Molds.

👉 Best Open Pour Swimbait Mold: Angling AI 4” Swimbait

Anyone who has ever watched how to hand pour swimbaits for bass knows the legendary status of the Angling AI swimbait molds.

Fact is, the Angling AI Swimbait is the mold of choice used by soft bait making guru Chris Jones in many of his online videos!

Angling AI packed a ton of features into this relatively affordable mold.

Hook slot (if desired) ✅
Machined scale details ✅
Deep full body (perfect for hand pouring) ✅
6 mm cavities for 3D eyes ✅

There may be more unique looking swimbait molds on the market, but few embody the classic swimbait shape as well as the Angling AI Swimbait does.

Get one and try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Buy the 4” Swimbait mold ($69) at Angling AI Molds.

👉 Best Jerkbait Mold: Angling AI Open Pour Jerkbait

The last mold on our list is another favorite of mine – the Open Pour Jerkbait by Angling AI!

Watermelon Red Flake jerkbait made from Angling AI soft bait mold

There are many injection molds for jerkbaits, across many soft bait mold companies.

But this is the only CNC aluminum open pour jerkbait mold on the market that I know of, and it is a dandy.

It comes equipped with an adjustable hook slot, so you can make your jerkbaits with more or less body with ease.

It also has eye cavities that you can attach 3D eyes to, or even fill with hand poured plastic.

Add in the beautiful scales and the broad paddle-style tail… and now you have a deadly bait jam-packed with gorgeous details.

And the best part? It costs only $39. 🤯

Bass caught with a white soft jerkbait

“These soft bait molds look awesome! Which ones should I start with?”

We’ve covered some serious ground in this article. If you are new to soft bait making, you might feel overwhelmed about where to start!

Here are my tips for choosing the right soft bait molds for you.

Determine what baits you fish most with 👇

First, think about which soft baits you fish with the most. These will naturally be the baits you are the most interested in.

For me, I enjoy fishing the most with soft jerkbaits and finesse craws, so the Katana Kraw and the Open Pour Jerkbait are the first soft bait molds I obtained!

Look over the soft bait molds in this article 👇

Once you consider the soft baits you use most, look over the molds in this article to see if any fit the bill.

For instance, if you like to Carolina Rig, you might like the Angling AI Lizard Mold.

Or if you like to throw chatterbaits, you might like the Epic Shadderbait Mold!

Simply start with the molds listed here, and see if any tick all the right boxes for you.

Check out the lure mold companies feature in this article 👇

If all else fails and you don’t find a mold in today’s article that meets your needs, then check out the other molds offered by these companies!

Angling AI Molds, Do-It Molds, and Epic Bait Molds are all amazing companies pumping out fantastic products. I’m not sponsored by any of them, I just think their products (and customer service) are that great!

Use the links below to browse through a more exhaustive list of all they have to offer.

Soft Bait Mold Companies I Recommend

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