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Jig Molds: The Best Molds For Making Amazing Jigs

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I have a confession to make – I might have a jig mold addiction.

When I started making jigs, I was using only one jig mold. A year later, I had 2 jig molds … and 2 aluminum soft bait molds.

In other words, I went from 1 aluminum mold to 4 in one year’s time! 😅

If you’ve shopped for jig molds, then you know the struggle – there are so many amazing molds out there!!

If you want to try your hand at jig making, this can feel a little overwhelming. What jig mold is the best to start with?

The fact is, different fishing techniques utilize totally different jigs to catch fish!

 👉Bass fishing in thick cover uses heavy, beefy jigs with thick weedguards.

👉Crappie and trout fishing both utilize small jigs with light hooks.

👉Whereas steelhead and salmon fishing uses heavy jigs with extra strong hooks.

There are so many fishing styles and so many jig molds available, you might be asking 👇

What molds should I start with, if I want to make my own jigs?

Welcome back to Jig Is Up Lurecraft. Today, I am going to outline 10 of the best jig molds you can use today to make your own, next level jigs.

Within these 10 jig molds, I will be laying out what I think are the best molds for bass jigs, crappie jigs, and even steelhead jigs

To be candid, narrowing the list down to 10 is not an easy task!

I could easily drop a list of 20 awesome molds you could use for bass jigs alone. 😶

But to keep it simple for you, we will keep this list confined to the 10 jig molds that will serve you the best.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Quick Note

Before diving into our list of jig molds, quick note on the mold manufacturer you will be seeing throughout this article.

All of the molds showcased here today are made by the fine folks at Do-It Molds. I’m not sponsored by them in any way – I just think their products are that great.

In fact, they pretty much own the jig mold market!
If you like the products you see here, feel free to check out the rest of their jig molds at Barlow’s Tackle.

Now on to the jig molds….👇

I. Bass Jig Molds

Bass jigs are like tools in a toolbox – there’s a different jig designed for every scenario. 

This list captures just that! 

Suffice it to say, if there is a type of bass jig you are interested in making, there is a mold for it here.

👉Hybrid Grass Jig

The Hybrid Grass Jig by Do-It Molds is one of the newest molds in their jig lineup. And it’s an original design!

hybrid grass jig mold by Do It Molds

Do-It Molds’ intent behind the Hybrid Grass Jig was to make a versatile jig head design that would fish well around wood, grass, and scattered rock. The idea that you don’t have to switch out your jig to fish different conditions is very powerful, and I think Do-It Molds nailed it.

If you love traditional bass jigs, this could be The One for you.

Features of this jig include

Double bait keeper ➡️ The best I’ve ever seen (your plastic trailers aren’t going anywhere)

Huge eye sockets ➡️ for giving your jigs great eye appeal

Slots for heavy wire hooks ➡️ so you can fish in heavy cover

Get yours via my affiliate link at Barlow’s Tackle 👉 here.

👉Weedless Midwest Finesse Jig

In contrast to the Hybrid Grass Jig, the Weedless Midwest Finesse Jig is very much a finesse bait. With that said, it is still one of Do-It Molds most popular jig molds!

weedless midwest finesse jig mold by Do It Molds

For years, anglers have caught fish using simple lightweight mushroom-head jigs. But due to their open hook design, these jigs constantly snagged on wood and rock!

The Weedless Midwest Finesse Weedless Jig is Do-It Molds’ answer to this problem.

With this mold, you can make jigs that have the same mushroom head, but instead come equipped with an EWG hook so you can rig your baits weedless!


Get yours via my affiliate link at Barlow’s Tackle 👉 here.

👉Poison Swingtail Jig

Moving on to a mold that I have some serious experience with ➡️ the Poison Swingtail Jig Mold.

This mold makes awesome jigs.

The head shape ➡️ super versatile, great around wood and grass.

The sizes ➡️ everything from micro ⅛ oz to standard ⅜ oz (and heavier).

The hook ➡️there is an open eye for attaching whatever worm hook you want!

I love this jig mold. Using this mold, I craft my super cool, super custom Deep Cover Jig, which slides through grass and around bushes with the greatest of ease.

Surprisingly, I’ve not heard tons of fanfare around this mold. Yet in my humble opinion it makes one of the most effective jigs around for fishing in heavy grass. 

Get yours via my affiliate link at Barlow’s Tackle 👉 here.

👉Brush Jig

So far we’ve seen molds for a great all-around jig, a finesse Ned Rig jig, and a swim jig. The Brush Jig Mold makes a totally different jig altogether – a beastly flipping jig!!

brush jig mold by Do It Molds

The Brush Jig Mold takes thick, 60 degree jig hooks like the Victory 10786 Jig Hook, which are designed to hoist bass out of heavy cover.

You’ll also notice the hook eye of the Brush Jig is recessed into the head. This hidden eye design is yet another element that allows this jig to penetrate into thick bushes and wooden laydowns.

If you are a bass angler who likes throwing jigs into flooded bushes or underwater logs, then this jig mold is for you!

Get yours via my affiliate link at Barlow’s Tackle 👉 here.

👉Football Jig with Wire Keeper

Football jigs are the rock specialists in the jig family, and while Do-It Molds has several outstanding football jig molds in their lineup, the most outstanding is the Football Jig with Wire Keeper.

football jig with wire keeper by Do It Molds

What makes this football jig so special??

Could it be the wire keeper that keeps trailers in place?

Or perhaps the recessed hook eye that keeps the eye from snagging?

Or maybe it’s the slots that take heavy duty 60 degree jig hooks?

All those fantastic features aside, the best feature of this jig is the flat spot on the bottom of the head that allows the hook to stand straight up.

This stand up design allows a plastic craw trailer to stand straight up, like a craw in defensive position!

Many jigs try to accomplish this – few actually succeed.

If you want to make incredibly lifelike football jigs, take a look at the Football Jig with Wire Keeper by Do-It Molds.

Get yours via my affiliate link at Barlow’s Tackle 👉 here.

👉Round Head Weedless Jig With Flat Eye Hook

The last bass jig mold on our list produces a year round staple – the classic finesse jig.

Whereas most bass jig molds have ⅜ oz and ½ sizes with heavy wire hooks, the Round Head Weedless Jig Mold by Do-It Molds makes lightweight jigs with strong, but slender hooks.

Round head flat eye jig mold by Do It Molds

You can make heavier sizes if you want (the heaviest you can go is ⅝ oz), but the bread and butter sizes for this mold are the lighter ⅛ oz through ¼ oz sizes.

The ballhead design is also extremely versatile. This jig won’t be the king in grass, wood, or rock, but it will still handle itself well no matter what cover you throw it in.

Being a finesse fisherman, this mold really appeals to me – I love throwing small, compact jigs on light tackle to catch fish.

In fact, I strongly considered acquiring this mold to make my own finesse jigs!

But a different mold caught my eye for making those jigs (keep reading to see which it was!).

Get yours via my affiliate link at Barlow’s Tackle 👉 here.

II. Trout and Panfish Jig Molds

👉Freestyle Jig

In stark contrast to bass jigs, trout and panfish jigs are built with light hooks and in very small sizes. 

The Freestyle Jig by Do-It Molds wraps these elements together into a perfect package that slays fish.

freestyle jig by Do It Molds

These jigs catch fish in saltwater, they catch plenty of bass in freshwater. And the smaller sizes catch oodles of trout and panfish.

In fact, I’ve seen tons of fantastic crappie jig patterns that were tied with this mold. With so many jig makers tying them up, it’s plain there is a lot to love!

Features of this jig mold include

  • Big eye sockets
  • Slots for light wire 90 degree hooks (perfect for vertical jigging)
  • Handy wire keeper (for keeping plastic trailers on)

If you are interested in making jigs that catch fish everywhere, look no further.

Get yours via my affiliate link at Barlow’s Tackle 👉 here.

👉Round Head Jig

Round head jigs are classic fish catchers that have been around for years. Using the Round Head Jig Mold, you can make your own in small sizes for trout and panfish!

round head jig by Do It Molds

Similar to the Freestyle Jig Mold, the Round Head Jig Mold has slots for light 90 degree jig hooks. 

It’s a fact – 90 degree jig hooks are great for this kind of jig. 

Why? Because a 90 degree eye on the hook allows you to work a jig straight up and down very naturally, which is a very popular technique in both trout and crappie fishing.

If you still want a lightweight jig with a thin hook, but don’t want the extra work of gluing eyes on, then this is the jig for you.

Get yours via my affiliate link at Barlow’s Tackle 👉 here.

👉Weedless Ballhead Jig

Spoiler alert  ➡️ this is my favorite jig mold!!

painted ballhead jig sitting on a jig mold

The Weedless Ballhead Jig by Do-It Molds is absolutely my favorite mold to date.

This jig is small. It’s compact. It’s weedless. And it’s all out deadly!

Using this mold, I make small 1/16 oz jigs and catch trout.

rainbow trout caught with a ballhed jig
Trout love jigs too!

I make ⅛ oz jigs and catch smallmouths.

And I make ¼ oz jigs and catch largemouths!

I make simple unadorned ballhead jigs with this mold. And I make micro bass jigs tied with silicone skirts with this mold.

Tiny Terror Jig Glamor Shot

In fact, there are so many jigs you can make with this mold!

I’m even toying with the idea of tying big hair jigs with heavy hooks for salmon and steelhead fishing… (stay tuned 😉)

If you were to ask which mold I’d pick for jigs that would catch any kind of fish anywhere in the world, I’d pick this one – the Weedless Ballhead Jig Mold.

Get yours via my affiliate link at Barlow’s Tackle 👉 here.

III. Salmon and Steelhead Jig Mold

👉Steelhead Jig

Last on our list is Do-It Molds’ Steelhead Jig Mold, a mold that pumps out jigs especially fine tuned for the strong salmon and steelhead that roam the rivers of Washington and Oregon.

steelhead jig mold by Do It Molds

At first glance, this mold looks strikingly similar to the Round Head Jig Mold shown above. 

Though these molds share the round head shape, the Steelhead Jig Mold uses a hook much stronger than the light hooks the Round Head Jig Mold was designed for.

Since steelhead and salmon are remarkably strong fish, the Steelhead Jig Mold was designed around a Mustad 32833 jig hook.

This hook is a 90 degree hook, like the small hooks you might use for trout or panfish. However, the Mustad 32833 is a thick, 2X strong hook that does not bend out. It keeps big fish hooked!

If salmon and steelhead fishing is your thing, then you owe it to yourself to check this mold out. You can make oodles of twitching jigs for a fraction of the cost you pay at a tackle shop!

Get yours via my affiliate link at Barlow’s Tackle 👉 here.

Conclusion 👉 Jig Molds: The Best Molds For Making Amazing Jigs

Alright, so I’ve given you what I think are the 10 best jig molds for any angler looking to start making their own jigs.

This list includes jig molds especially designed for bass fishing, trout fishing, and even salmon fishing.

Now that you’ve seen these molds, you might be asking

“Okay Blaine, I know exactly which mold I would make jigs with. However, even if I get this mold, how do I make jigs with it?”

Have no fear – I have a handy dandy article 👉 right here.
This article shows the ins and outs of making your own jigs using a few simple tools!

If that isn’t enough info for you, I have crafted 👉 a complete guide to bass jigs that talks exhaustively about the types of bass jigs, best jig trailers, and even how to make your own bass jigs!

It’s a whole smorgasbord of information, curated for anglers and lurecrafters who love jigs!

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    1. John, the arky jig would be an excellent addition to this list! Like you said, the arky jig is a very versatile jig, and many anglers love throwing them for bass (I’ve caught bass with them myself). With that said, the Hybrid Grass Jig and the Poison Tail Jig are also very versatile jigs that excel under a lot of the same conditions. Because those jigs allow you to attach 3D eyes, many jig makers (though certainly not all) have swapped out arky jigs for the Hybrid Grass Jig or the Poison Tail Jig.

      Due to the popularity of those two molds, I put them in this list and left out the arky jig. Perhaps an “Honorable Mentions” section is in order…

      Thanks for tuning in and leaving such valuable feedback!

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