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Baking Jigs: Make The Best Bass Jigs With This Easy Tip

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Who loves to use fishing lures that crack and start falling apart after 10 casts?

Yeah, me neither. 🤮

You buy some new jigs at the store, you cast them out a couple times, drag them on the bottom, and next thing you know the jig paint is chipped and cracked!


But you bought these jigs from the store. Can jigs actually be higher quality? Yes, they can!

Welcome back to Jig Is Up Lurecraft.

Today, I am tackling the problem that first compelled me to make my own fishing lures.

Specifically, I am diving into how poor quality jig paint can affect your fishing, and how you can bake your jigs to give them ultra long-lasting paint jobs!

Like I said, I used to buy jigs only to have them fall apart midway through a day of fishing.

It was unbelievable! A sparkling new jig, chipped and battered after only a few hours.

store bought jig with chipped paint

At that point, I had many questions about this jig.

Is this hook going to bend or break on a big fish?

Is this hook going to rust in my tackle box?

How much longer until the skirt falls apart?

Simply put, I lost all confidence in that jig.

The Importance of Confidence

With fishing, confidence is key.

It’s simple, really. The more confident you are, the more you will throw lures into hard to reach places and find bass. 

a caught smallmouth bass with a jig in its mouth
Pulled the bass out of grass 💪🏻

The more confident you are, the more you will fish baits naturally.

On the flip side, if you aren’t very confident, then you probably won’t be throwing lures into the gnarly cover where fish reside. Nor will you be mentally prepared for a fight with the fish of a lifetime.

The equation is simple 👇

More confidence = more fish caught

Less confidence = fewer fish caught

Want to read more about fishing with confidence?

Then check out 👉 this article about how to fish with confidence.

This article lines out why confidence is important, and unveils my tactics for improving confidence while fishing!

Circling back around to my original point – how does confidence relate to a jig’s paint quality?

A jig with poor quality erodes all confidence in its ability to catch fish.

“Okay Blaine, I agree with you. Having confidence in the jigs I’m using helps me catch more fish. But how do I get jigs with quality paint jobs?

How To Get The Best Bass Jigs

You can get fantastic jigs with quality paint jobs via two ways.

1. Buy jigs from quality-minded companies

I’m talking custom jigs from small baitmakers, such as SDG Custom Lurecraft and Motion Fishing. I’m also talking about jigs made by innovative lure companies like 6th Sense Fishing.

These are not the mass produced jigs you find in stores. These jigs are typically built in small batches, with a critical eye for quality. 

This method is by far the simplest for anyone looking to up their jig game. If you only want to buy better quality jigs, this might be the method for you.

But if you are a maker or a tinkerer, this next method can take your jig game to even greater heights.

2) 👉 Paint your own jigs and bake them 👈

I started building my own jigs so that I could have the best bass jigs possible for the lowest cost. (It’s been a fantastic experience so far.)

The first quality hallmark I gave my jigs is a super durable, rock hard paint finish.

Now, I can fish with the same jig for hours and it does not lose its paint finish.

A beatup micro jig attached to a fishing rod
It’s beat up from catching fish, but this jig’s paint is still intact!

Here’s a secret for you – you can easily create this rock hard paint finish with your jigs too!

How? By baking your jigs.

How To Bake The Best Bass Jigs

Baking jigs is nothing complex.

Simply buy (or make) lead head jigs. 

unpainted jig

Then heat them up for several seconds with a heat gun and dip them into powder paint. The larger the jig head, the longer you will have to heat it.

Proper heat is important! Too little heat, and the paint won’t stick enough to the lead. Too much heat, and the paint will glob unattractively on the lead.

For reference, I typically heat my ⅛ oz jigs for 10 seconds.

Coppermine Protec Powder Paint

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Once the powder paint is on the jig, use an eye buster or extra hook to clean out the hook eye.

Now you are ready to bake the jig.

Simply preheat the toaster oven to 350 degrees. Then hang your jigs in the oven for 25 minutes.

ballhead jigs in a toaster oven

That simple, extra step is magical. 

Once the timer is up, pull out the jigs so they can cool. In fact, I let mine sit for 24 hours before even using them.

Now you have jigs with an incredibly durable paint finish – jigs that you can confidently catch fish with for a long time!

Micro jig built with an Owner 5313 jig hook

Conclusion: Baking Jigs – Make The Best Bass Jigs With This Easy Tip

Quick recap of what we’ve learned today.

👉 Confidence helps you catch more fish.

👉 Fishing with low quality jigs erodes confidence.

👉 You can get jigs with high quality paint jobs from small batch companies such as SDG Custom Lurecraft.

👉 But you can get high quality paint jobs yourself using this simple tip – paint and bake your own jigs!

If you’re not someone who loves to build and craft things, painting jigs might not be for you.

But if you are, painting and baking jigs can be a simple way for you to easily elevate the quality of the jigs you fish with!

Give it a shot, you won’t regret it.

Do you already paint and bake your jigs? Please leave a comment below! (I love to hear from other baitmakers.)

➡️ P.S. If you are interested in making your own jigs, check out my complete guide to making your own bass jigs!

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