Affiliate Disclosure


Jig Is Up Lurecraft participates in affiliate programs, which give us a commission each time you buy a product using our affiliate links. This helps us provide lure making content at not extra cost to you, our readers.

We do not take money in order to give reviews or run giveaways.

Your trust in us to provide honest, unbiased content is paramount. We strive to maintain that trust by remaining transparent with our readers and, consequently, by not selling our opinions for money.

What are affiliate programs?

Affiliate marketing uses embedded links on a webpage to track when we send a user to a retailer’s website.

If you see a product link on this website, there is a good chance it is an affiliate link. When you click on a product link on our website and then purchase that product, the retailer may send us a commission as a “thank you.”

For instance, we might provide a link in an article to our favorite jig mold on Barlow’s Tackle. If you click on the link and purchase that mold, Barlow’s Tackle may give us a commission off of that sale.

This is why we only recommend products we know and love. If we refer our readers to products we don’t believe are great, we would quickly lose our readers!

Affiliate programs JIUL participates in

Jig Is Up Lurecraft is a participant in the Amazon Associates program, an affiliate program that provides commissions to members for referring consumers to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Jig Is Up Lurecraft is also a member in the Barlow’s Tackle affiliate program. As with any other affiliate program, when you buy through these links we earn a commission that helps us continue making lure-building content.

Bass Pro Shops is the third affiliate program that Jig Is Up Lurecraft participates in. We generally link to Bass Pro Shops so we can provide readers with our suggestions for rods, reels, and fishing lures that they will benefit from using.

Again, affiliate links are what continue to allow us to produce honest, quality lure making content at no extra cost to our readers. Thank you for making this possible!