Bunch of Jigs


Hi, my name is Blaine Olin and I’m the founder of Jig Is Up Lurecraft.

Like you, I’m an avid fisherman (and a seriously passionate baitmaker).

I’m completely hooked on making my own baits and catching fish with them!

Luremaking is awesome!

In the course of a few years, I’ve caught everything from bluegill… to bass… to trout… to pike… using baits made by my own hands!

Fishing has been a love of mine for years – making my own baits fueled the flames of that passion.

There is something about catching fish with custom baits that I love.

  • cranking flashy spinnerbaits and getting angry bites from bass.
  • …subtly jigging a tiny jig and convincing shy trout to commit.
  • drifting small jigs in lazy lake current and feeling bull bluegill slam the bait.

It doesn’t get better than that.

What is going on with the fishing lure industry?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a jig and chipped its paint off while fishing.

Raises hand.

Yep, I’ve done it.

$6 for a bass jig . $5 for 5 mushroom head jigs… $7 for a bag of stick worms… Let’s be honest, we pay a lot of money in tackle stores… for baits that fall apart really fast 😵‍💫.

Who has confidence in baits that fall apart after one or two fish?


This is why I started making my own baits.

Because dull hooks and chipped jighead paint ➡️ no fun.

I knew it didn’t have to be this way.

So I started making my own jigs. And I LOVED IT.

No more dull hooks (sticky sharp hooks are beautiful things). No more chipped paint (bulletproof paint jobs, for the win!).

And… building totally unique color patterns is – quite simply – out of this world fun 🤯.

Micro jig built with an Owner 5313 jig hook
Yes, I made that!

As I continued crafting jigs, I found it was not easy to find answers to the many tackle making questions I had.

Enter the creation of my lurecraft-teaching blog Jig Is Up Lurecraft.

JIUL is your personal lure making instructor.

From hand pouring worms with custom color palettes, to pairing the right hook to the right jig, Jig Is Up Lurecraft has you covered.

I work to provide easy-to-read content so others can learn how easy it is to make fishing lures, and how amazing it is to fish with custom baits. Finding good lure making info has not always been easy for me – I want to make that easier for you!

Ready to get started?

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