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7 Trailers That Will Make Your Micro Jigs Better

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Last year, I started fishing with micro jigs and the results were extraordinary.

I caught more fish and better quality fish anytime I had a micro jig on the end of my line.

But this experience came with challenges. It was not easy to find trailers that were the right size for my micro jigs!

Most bass jigs are ¼ oz and larger. This is much larger than the 1/16 and ⅛ oz micro jigs I use. This means most jig trailers you can buy are simply too big for micro jigs!

If you enjoy micro jig fishing, then I’m sure you can relate to this – the struggle to find trailers is real.

With that said, I’ve experimented with many different trailers and have found several that pair perfectly with my Tiny Terror Jig.

As a result of this experience, I have crafted a running list of 7 proven trailers you can use today that will elevate your micro jig presentations!

7 Trailers for Micro Jigs

1. Katana Kraw

In my mind, the Katana Kraw is the most special micro jig trailer on this list, for a very important reason. Because the Katana Kraw is a custom trailer I make myself!

Custom Katana Kraws lying on top a Katana Kraw Do-It Molds mold

Using the new Do-It Molds Katana Kraw mold, I create custom Katana Kraw trailers using whatever color patterns my heart desires. 

One of the things I love about the Katana Kraw is that it embodies a realistic craw profile without sacrificing on action. At three inches long, it is the perfect size for a crawfish profile. In addition to that, the claws wiggle and dance enticingly as it hops and swims back to the boat.

Furthermore, the ribbed claws actually float when the bait is at rest on the bottom. This is particularly effective at mimicking a defiant crawfish that is defensively sticking up its claws to ward off predators.

The Katana Kraw will definitely be making more appearances on this blog. Stay tuned for more!

2. Zman Finesse TRD

Next on the list is a finesse fishing classic – the Zman Finesse TRD.

Micro jig with a finesse trd, with a wood background

Although extremely simplistic, this small stick bait is renowned for its ability to catch fish nationwide in the toughest conditions.

The Finesse TRD has little to no action and a very low-key profile. Although these traits may sound unattractive, they can be just the key for hooking fish that are not actively feeding!

3. Zman Baby Goat

In my mind, the Zman Baby Goat is one of the best finesse trailers on the market today. As good as the original Finesse TRD has been, I think the Baby Goat has even more to offer.

black micro jig with a Zman Baby Goat trailer

Like the Finesse TRD, the Baby Goat is built with Zman’s Elaztech floating plastic. This means the claws stick up defensively when the bait is at rest on the bottom. 

Not only that, but Elaztech plastic ensures these baits are extremely durable. In fact, it is not uncommon to catch 100 fish with one Finesse TRD or Baby Goat!

However, what I think makes the Baby Goat a better bait is the set of twin tails that kick and thump in the water as you retrieve it. This dual-kicking action can be just the ticket when bass are locked in and actively feeding.

4. Zman TRD Craw

Zman is renowned for its durable, floating Elaztech plastic. With the TRD Craw, Zman wrapped all that into a tiny 2.5” craw profile perfect for micro jig fishing.

black and brown micro jig with a TRD craw trailer

The TRD Craw is particularly effective in clear water, when fish can see this juicy, realistic crawfish morsel.

This petite craw may not seem like much, but it can be absolutely deadly for multispecies fishing. Smallmouths, largemouths, bluegills, and rock bass beware!

5. Berkley Power Grub

Curly tail grubs are another great micro jig trailer, because they are so versatile.

brown micro jig with a curly tail grub trailer

Swim it and it looks like a bluegill or a baitfish. Hop it and it looks like a crawfish. Is there a wrong way to fish a micro jig with a curly grub tail? I don’t think so.

Although the Berkley Power Grub is shaped like many other grubs, I prefer it over others because it is impregnated with Berkley’s Powerbait scent. This scent resembles the smells of natural forage, thus improving your odds of attracting fish!

6. Berkley Pit Boss Jr.

The Berkley Pit Boss offers a totally different profile compared to the other trailers on this list.

micro bass jig with a pit boss trailer

Whereas the Finesse TRD and the TRD Craw are slender and relatively low-key in appearance, the Pit Boss is a chunky morsel.

Its thick body and small appendages make it a great option for conditions where you want to present fish with a compact, meaty presentation. 

I particularly like using the Pit Boss as a trailer when I’m fishing in stained water. The Pit Boss is particularly useful then because its fat, chunky body is a bigger target for bass to see.

7. Zman Slim Swimz

Last on this list is a bait that closely mimics shad and other baitfish – the Zman Slim Swimz.

The Slim Swimz excels when swimming the jig back to the boat. Although it is a small bait, the paddle tail actively kicks and thumps on the retrieve. This swimming action is perfect for getting the attention of a bass, crappie, or any other game fish in the area.

Bear in mind, the Slim Swimz is equipped with Zman’s durable Elaztech plastic. This means you will be able to catch many fish on the same bait before needing to thread a new one on!

Conclusion: 7 Trailers That Will Make Your Micro Jigs Better

Micro jigs are one of my favorite lures to fish, and for good reason. They flat out catch fish!

Finding good trailers for my micro jigs hasn’t always been easy. With that said, I’ve had great success with many of the trailers unveiled in this article.

If you are in search of a trailer for your bass jigs, give one of these a shot! You won’t be disappointed.

What are your favorite jig trailers? Tell me in a comment below, or send it to me at!

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