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20 Fishing Gifts For The Angler In Your Life

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Chilly days and dwindling daylight spawn the dreaded realization upon fishermen – winter is upon us.

Gone are the days of comfortably fishing all day without fear of frostbite!

Now, the avid angler must either brave Winter’s cold or anxiously await Spring’s warm thaw.

With that said, there is one thing every fisherman looks forward to in the winter – getting fishing gear in preparation for the next year!

Welcome back to Jig Is Up Lurecraft! Today I am unveiling 20 great gifts that anglers of all skill levels can enjoy!

Gear For The Water

1. Lifetime Tamarack Fishing Kayak ($449)

Retailing for less than $500, the Lifetime Tamarack is a great budget fishing kayak. Rod holders, adjustable foot pedals, gear tracks … This kayak offers a lot for the price tag!

2. Old Town Sportsman PDL 106 Fishing Kayak ($2,199.99)

For those looking for a premium, fully-rigged fishing kayak, look no further than the Old Town PDL 106. This kayak comes equipped with a pedal drive, meaning the angler can foot pedal across lakes and rivers with the greatest of ease!

3. Onyx Fishing Life Jacket

This affordable life jacket has all the comforts of home – adjustable straps, roomy front pockets, and breathable mesh in the lower back for comfort!

4. Aftco Barricade Rain Jacket ($248.99)

I’ve been caught in torrential rain before while bass fishing. Getting drenched is no fun! Prepare the angler in your life with an Aftco Barricade Rain Jacket to make sure they stay comfortable and dry during rainy days.

5. Muck Boots

Tall waterproof boots are a staple for any angler who fishes from the bank. Muck boots are a quality option and should provide the angler in your life years of bank-fishing service.

6. TIDEWE Warm Weather Waders

Some people wade in creeks and rivers during the warmer months without waders. For those who like to stay cool in summer but prefer more protection, check out these great lightweight waders!

7. Casio G-Shock Waterproof Watch

Does the angler in your life love to wear a watch? Equip them with a durable, waterproof Casio G-Shock that they can take with them out on the water!

8. Deeper Pro Portable Fish Finder

Fish finders allow anglers to see how deep the water is where they are fishing as well as what fish might be hanging out in that stretch of water. Historically, anglers could only use fish finders when on a boat or a kayak. That is no longer the case! With the Deeper Pro Portable Fish Finder, the angler in your life can walk the bank and know exactly how deep the water is where they are fishing and even see if there are fish swimming in that area!

9. Fishbrain App Subscription

Fishbrain is the most popular fishing app, and for good reason. You can see popular fishing spots in your area, catches made by other anglers, fishing forecasts, and water depth maps. Give the angler in your life an edge out on the water by equipping them with this handy app!

10. Gerber Multitool

Gerber continues to make quality, affordable fishing tools. The Gerber Multitool remains one of my favorites. It comes with pliers, scissors, a knife, and many other handy tools!

Next Level Tackle Management

11. Rod Sleeve ($6.99)

Is the angler in your life protective of their fishing rods? Look no further – rod sleeves help protect fishing rods from weather and abuse, representing a cost-effective way of protecting their fishing rod investment!

12. Bait Gloves (starting at $3.99)

No one likes to pack up their fishing rods in the car only for their lure’s hooks to snag and tangle with everything! This is where bait gloves shine. Simply wrap the bait glove around the fishing lure and voila! No more tangled hooks in the car!

13. Waterproof Plano (starting at $9.99)

A waterproof plano is one of the first upgrades I added to my tackle storage. Simple tackle boxes are sufficient for storing hooks, weights, and lures. Waterproof Plano boxes, however, keep the tackle free from water (and rust)!

14. Plano Tackle Backpack ($109.99)

Tackle backpacks are very handy for anglers who walk the bank or wade in creeks. Plano’s Tackle Backpack is budget friendly while still being full of features.

15. Dr. Slick Hook Sharpener ($10.99)

Ever wonder what you do with fishing hooks that get dull? Answer – get a hook sharpener and make them sticky sharp again!

Cool Baits

16. Handmade Bass Jig

Tiny Terror Jig Glamor Shot

Many custom bait makers create jigs unlike any you can find in big box stores. You can find the angler in your life a jig that has dazzling colors or totally unique materials, to give them an edge above their peers when out on the water. The Tiny Terror Jig that I make is a prime example of a custom jig!

17. Custom Crankbait from BJ’s Custom Baits

red crankbait with a craw pattern

Likewise, custom crankbaits are painted with totally unique colors and patterns. Braden at BJ’s Custom Baits puts some fantastic paint schemes on his baits. I’ve had great personal success with his baits on both largemouth and smallmouth bass. My recommendation is the 1.5 Squarebill in a crawfish color.

18. Handmade Soft Plastics from SDG Custom Lurecraft

I’ve been following Adam at SDG Custom Lurecraft some time now. When it comes to baitmaking, he’s the real deal. He films himself making various fishing lures and then posts the lures for sale on his website. Check his handmade lures out, you can’t go wrong!

19. Panfish Tackle from Mule Fishing Supply Company

Ethan founded Mule Fishing Supply Company with one thought in mind – make hardworking, easy-to-use baits for anglers to catch lots of different fish with. Check out the jigs and soft plastic lures he offers. His products catch all kinds of fish, but in my opinion they are especially effective for bluegill, crappie, and other panfish!

20. Dark Horse Tackle Subscription Box (starts at $12!)

Dark Horse Tackle is a fishing lure subscription company. Every month, the angler in your life would receive a box in the mail containing several fishing lures from small businesses across the country. It’s a marvelously fun way to get new fishing tackle every month!

Conclusion: 20 Fishing Gifts For The Angler In Your Life

Christmas is a great time of year to equip the angler in your life with cool baits and fun fishing tools.

Whether it’s custom baits, a new fishing kayak, or waterproof rain gear, your gift is sure to be a hit!

Have any questions about these gifts? Would you like additional gift suggestions?

Send me an email at blaine@jigisuplurecraft.com!

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