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Catch more fish (and have more fun) by making your own baits!

smallmouth caught with a jig built with an Owner 5313 hook

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Hi, I’m Blaine.

Founder of Jig Is Up Lurecraft. Avid angler. Passionate baitmaker.

I help anglers get more fun out of fishing by teaching them how to
👉 Make baits
👉 And catch fish with those baits!

Followers of JIUL believe the best baits are 👉 the ones you make yourself!


Because only you know the best baits for your style 💪🏻.

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Resources to help you catch more fish

Lightning Spinner Making

This (free) guide walks you through how to make super affordable trout spinners in less than 5 minutes.

Worm Rig 101

dropshot worm rig

Download the Worm Rig 101 Cheat Sheet for free to quickly learn the 5 most effective plastic worm rigs for catching big bass!

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